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Coach Big Pete's Top Illinois Recruits That Have Impressed Me So Far Classes Of 2023, 2024, 2025

So here are some of my top Illinois Recruits that have impressed me so far these 7 weeks of IHSA football play in 2021. I consider these recruits risers in the Illinois recruiting pipeline. Really think these group of recruits will big talked about a lot in the coming Winter to Spring. Again these are from my scouting notes and my scouting scores from the season so far (7 Weeks of 2021 IHSA Season). College Coaches if you need more info (notes) please email me or DM me. If you have my phone number just give me a buzz. Email -


Coach Big Pete's Top Illinois Recruits That Have Impressed Me So Far After 7 Weeks Of IHSA Football Classes Of 2023, 2024, 2025

This is just a small list of names that will be fully revealed on January for my annual watchlist reveal.

(Also I have talked about some players in the past Julius Ellens Glenbard West, Ethan Plumb St. Charles North, Chris Farrell Lisle, Grant Stec Jacobs, Gabe Kaminski Nazareth, Logan Malachuk Nazareth. So I don't think I need to repeat myself -LINK- . They all have impressed so far)

Garrett Taylor Athlete Salt Fork 6'5 250 Class Of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Small school stud athlete that plays both linebacker and tight end. Still very raw but his growth is amazing from last season. Lets not forget he is a multiple sport athlete. Is already following that tradition of a Logan Lee, and Luke Ford. Already has the eyes of many Big Ten schools and will get even more looks going into the winter.

Ryan Boe QB Batavia 6'3 180 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Another Bulldog on the scouts lists this season. Already has shown his skill in the pocket and ability to perform under pressure. Got to love the kids frame and not to mention his on field IQ along with his ability to step in and take a hit to get the perfect throw. Very polished passer who already looks like a senior QB.

Jyaire Hill Athlete Kankakee 6'2 180 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

One of the best athletes in the state of Illinois and if not the Midwest. Has most of the Power 5 coaches talking about him in the Land of Lincoln. Jyaire is the complete deal size, speed, and flexibilty and not mention great football instincts. One of the top recruits that seems to be fully grown in his skills and abilities. Crazy sideline to sideline speed and just natural football eyes.

Brandon Parades QB Plainfield East 5'11 140 Class of 2025 HUDL TWITTER

Impressed me his first sophomore level game (Plainfield North) of the season and not to mention his ability to play with the big boys. Great foot mechanics and not to mention takes shots down the field when needed. Still very raw on the throwing mechanics, but he will grow into it. Already has made name for himself taking snaps on Varsity and making plays.

Xzaveon Segner QB Freeport 6'5 200 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

The complete package QB for the Class of 2023. Impressive ability to run with the ball and not to mention a great touch on the ball. Great frame and what I like is he plays small and not mention he competes to any challenge. When you have a QB that is competitive that is always a good thing.

Jack McGeehan OL St. Laurence 6'4 265 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

We got ourselves a big man ready to emerge on the recruiting pipeline for this winter. Huge mobility and not to mention the kid can finish his blocks. Little raw on running blocking but again can't expect enough out of a sophomore linemen. Will be a big name in the coming years.

Joey Pope ATH Glenbard West 6'0 165 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Joey is a multi-faceted athlete with big play ability weather it be running back or wide receiver. One of the very few athletes that can fit all the offensive schemes in college level. Reminds me a lot of former Maine South star RB Fotis from some years back. He gets to the end zone and makes it look really easy. Again one of the more talked DuPage area recruits among college coaches.

Antonio Russell WR/ATH Eisenhower 6'0 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Makes things look so easy and to mention his silky smooth routes that he runs. Could be one of the best WRs in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2024. One of the more underrated recruits in the southern burbs that needs to be talked about more. Oh, did I forget to mention that this kid can play defense as well.

Josh Janowski OL Lincoln Way East 6'3 245 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Tough nosed center that also play guard if need be. Gets into it with defensive linemen and lets not forget about his contact speed. Huge problem for defensive linemen, and has great center to low gravity. One of top linemen in Illinois for the Class of 2024, and not to mention could be a top lineman in the Midwest.

Isaiah Grieff DT Normal Community 6'4 260 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Alright, I admit it Isaiah is a huge project in Central Illinois. I believe that this kid can grow into something special and to mention his natural ability is there. Huge fan of his acceleration and not mention his tenacity. Needs to work on his first step burst and not to mention his hand work.

Aric Johnson ATH Kaneland 6'0 180 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Aric is a very special talented young man that can make plays everywhere. This kid can reach levels after that first hit that many other recruits can't. To me he already still has to show more of his talent this rest of the season and next. Still young and growing to his full potential.

Alessio Milivojevic QB St. Francis 6'1 198 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Grew a lot this season and not to mention his throwing technique has improved a lot from the summer. His growth is better than most sophomore QBs in the state of Illinois. Already has had some big games for the Spartans. Again the main thing will be his growth over the offseason of 2022. Really like his skill set with his size and so do some big name college coaches.

Wyatt Bohm QB Mahomet Seymour 6'4 190 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Bohm has taken the Illinois HS football scene by storm and not to mention has turned college scout heads. Love this guy's touch on the ball finds the right spot for his target to catch. Cool calm and collective every snap and did I mention has one of the better arms in Illinois. This Central Illinois Star will be the name on everyones lips by the end of 2021.

Jack Sadowsky LB Batavia 6'3 215 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Stop if you heard this one before..... Batavia linebacker that gets to the ball carrier and makes great pursuits in his reads. Let's not forget about that this kid has great underrated covering skills. Again could be a top 5 linebacker in the state of Illinois by the end of senior season. One of the better tacklers in the state of Illinois. Oh, and by the way the kid can blitz and is not afraid to exploit the gap.

Charlie Mullen ATH Ottawa Marquette 6'4 175 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Small school wonder that will continue to shock scouts over the 2 years left of his high school career. Older brother plays for Louisville and he will follow his brother's talents and ways. This is a kid that no one will talk about but College Coaches already know who he is. Can play multiple spots but I really see him as a tight end and his frame is just awesome.

Kaiden Miller WR Grayslake Central 6'3 190 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Miller has done wonders for Rams football and continues to impress. Great frame and not to mention superb hands. His size and speed make him special for his team and nightmare for opposing defenses. Huge time playmaker that will be the talk of Illinois in the winter.

Cassius Callahan ATH Warren Township 6'0 180 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Tremendous football stud, and I admit needs to be talked about more this offseason. Great football IQ and an awesome knack for making a bigtime play. Let's not forget he is still growing and will be a huge star next season. Can play multiple spots on the field and is another Blue Devil star in the making. What is in that Gurnee water???

Drew Surges ATH St. Charles North 6'2 185 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Making a name for himself and not to mention a tremendous 2 sport athlete. Has impressed a lot of scouts and coaches with his second gear speed. Could be used in multiple offenses and not to mention his mental toughness is huge. Loves to compete and you can really see it in the game film. One of the most asked about recruits in Illinois right now from college coaches.

Jake Hamilton WR Sacred Heart Griffin 6'3 190 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

This just in SHG has another big playmaking WR in Jake Hamilton. This kid is an absolute beast and is making huge plays in Central Illinois. Multi-Sport athlete that can make huge plays on the outside of coverage. Was brilliant against Rochester and to mention he showcased his talents. Could be a huge riser this winter going into the spring of 2022.

Aiden Cyr QB Hoffman Estates 6'4 195 Class of 2023 HUDL TWITTER

Aiden has been lighting up the scoreboards and not to mention making huge news for himself the way Hoffman Estates has been performing. Aiden has knack for finding the open player and doesn't look for the TD but looks for the open receiver. Could be a Top 5 QB from the Class of 2023 in Illinois when all is said and done. Know his other teammates skills and uses that to his strength.

Brock Bowlby ATH/QB Carbondale 6'3 185 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

I had to make sure I wasn't scouting his older brother again. But again we have another highly skilled Bowlby in the Illinois pipeline. Impressed a lot of scouts and coaches with 6 TD performance on Week 6 against Mt. Vernon. The scary thing is he is only getting to better for these upcoming seasons. Still could play a lot of spots on the field and could be a top athlete in Illinois.

Max Bray QB Aurora Christian 6'1 180 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Another young gun who has been impressing scouts with his arm and ability to find the end zone. Great presence on the field, and not to mention doesn't overshoot his pass. We got ourselves another young stud Aurora Christian QB that will be huge in the upcoming seasons.

Justin Scott DL St. Ignatius 6'5 315 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Was told by multiple college coaches to keep this kid a secret. Then Illinois offered him and the cat is out of the bag. Justin is absolute freak of nature with is acceleration and not to mention his handwork. High character player that could be a poster boy for any college team. Oh, did I forget to mention his on-field IQ is off the charts.....

Troyer Carlson QB Kaneland 6'2 175 Class of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

Late addition, and I got to admit I made a mistake. Re-did my scores for Troyer and I checked out his game film again. Troyer now scores out in my top ten percentile of recruits for the Class of 2024. Excellent mobility, and I got to say one of the better on-run throwers in the state of Illinois. Still has a lot of growth in his throwing technique, but a great arm. Has been blowing up the scoreboard with the Knights.

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