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Illinois Rising Star Recruits Of Class Of 2024 - Summer 2021 Edition (BONUS Class Of 2025 Preview)

So here are my Illinois Rising Star Recruits Of Class Of 2024 - Summer 2021 Edition. I consider these recruits the rising stars in the Land of Lincoln so far. These are just a couple players from my Watchlist that have high scores in my scouting notes and evaluating. Understand there will be more recruits added in coming months because of recruits overall growth in size and talents. Again all of these kids are still young and again still growing. So if you are not on the list please understand my list grows by three times at the end of the end of your junior season. Again these are from my scouting notes and my scouting scores from the Spring Season and Summer College Camp Season (also I take in account to talking with college coaches) so far. College Coaches if you need more info (notes) please email me or DM me. Base my percentile scores on that position's skills, speed, and future projected growth. Also I give a short preview of Class of 2025 recruits, its small and again these kids haven't touched a high school football field yet. A lot can happen in these coming years. Email -

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Coach Big Pete's Illinois Rising Star Recruits Of Class Of 2024 - Summer 2021 Edition

Tysean Griffin ATH Morgan Park 5'11 165 TWITTER HUDL Top 5% Percentile

Guy has plenty of offers after his first spring season for Morgan Park. In all reality we still haven't seen the best of Tysean on film. All I can say about this kid is he is fast and highly instinctive. He is already a top Midwest recruit and has just hit the national recruiting scene. Keep an eye out for a special sophomore season in the CPS with this young talent.

I'Marion Stewart WR Bolingbrook 6'0 170 TWITTER HUDL Top 5% Percentile

The first big name of the Illinois recruiting class that had all the big offers last year and still collecting now. I'Marion to me is one of the most athletic players in the state of Illinois. Just love this kid's hand placement when he is catching the ball. Comes off as a 3 year varsity player the way he plays. He is also one of the most polished players coming out of the Class of 2024.

Robert Battle QB East St. Louis 5'11 HUDL TWITTER Top 10% Percentile

Had 18 TDs in the spring season and had tight-window throws . Robert is nothing but a pure playmaker that stood under the pressure of being freshman QB for the East St. Louis varsity squad. He is a future Flyer superstar no doubt about it. - FROM RECRUITS READY TO EXPLODE ARTICLE

Tony Phillips RB Bishop McNamara 5'6 170 HUDL TWITTER Top 5% Percentile

Already a huge national recruit for the Class of 2024. Small and deadly, he can take it to the end zone on any play. Has catched the eye of every major football program in the Midwest. Do not overlook him because of his size, because he can provide a multi faceted game that will gut your defenses. He will be one of those historic players that will talked about in Illinois for a long time. What's the scary thing he makes it look so easy, this kid is one of the smoothest runners in Illinois. Oh did I forget to mention he is also track star too...

Andy Burburiga OL Crystal Lake South 6'2 255 HUDL TWITTER Top 30% Percentile

So stop me again if you heard this. Lineman from Crystal Lake South who also wrestles and is from the mystical Land of Giants. That's Andy, and the kid is still growing into his body and that is what is needed for linemen. I'm keeping a very close eye on this kid for coming years in his growth.

Cam Williams WR Glenbard South 6'2 175 HUDL TWITTER Top 5% Percentile

Huge potential from Cam, basically took over the North Central Camps this summer. Just a massive frame athletic WR that again is still growing. Will be a huge time playmaker for Glenbard South and not to mention a top 3 recruit in Illinois. National programs have taken interest after the offers rolled in this June. College Coaches couldn't believe that he was going to be Sophomore this fall.

Darrion Dupree RB Mount Carmel 5'10 182 GAMEFILM TWITTER Top 15% Percentile

Already a Top 5 running back in my mind for the class of 2024 in Illinois. Love his ability to keep it low when burst through the gap. Reminds me a lot of the big name recruit Jordan Rowell of ICCP in 2016. Nice ability to bounce off a crowded gap and make a play for extra yards. Did I mention he is coming from that famous Caravan Lineage of RBs.

Dalton Brown LB Edwardsville 6'0 190 HUDL TWITTER Top 30% Percentile

Dalton plays like a senior linebacker just with his awareness and IQ. Still developing on the athletic side of the game but he will grow no doubt about it. Kid just loves to make big time tackles. Could be used in many defensive schemes when its all said and done.

Bryce Harrison LB East St. Louis 6'1 220 HUDL Top 25% Percentile

Very, Very raw but will be one of the top linebackers in the state of Illinois by 2023. Love his ability to blitz and he is afraid not to hit. Has the size and he can plug the hole before the big run. Also never second guesses himself which means no hesitation when the play develops like a lot of younger linebackers do.

Jaydon Wright RB/ATH Bishop McNamara 6'0 230 HUDL TWITTER Top 5% Percentile

Part of that two headed beast running game of Bishop Mac that will be state contenders this fall. He is just an athletic freak that can carry a defender with him for a touchdown. Takes a hit and keeps on going, and he is patient waiting for the blocks.

Dominik Ball RB Palatine 5'10 180 HUDL TWITTER Top 10% Percentile

Dominik to me can be used in any offensive scheme, which is very special attribute for a running back. When he gets open space he can take it all the way to the house. Love his acceleration and his ability to catch off those should-be short yardage plays and make it into a big plays.

Arthur Palicki QB Willowbrook 6'3 205 HUDL TWITTER Top 20% Percentile

Arthur first impressed me at the Throw It Deep session in the Winter. Great frame that college coaches love and not to mention great throwing mechanics as well. Very patient in the pocket and does not overreact by trying to throw a TD in every throw. Reminds me a lot of former Lyons Township QB Ben Bryant.

Nacari McFarland QB Bolingbrook 6'4 161 HUDL TWITTER Top 30% Percentile

Mr. McFarland has a lot of potential that is there but still untapped. He again is a very raw QB that is still growing into his body as you can see in the game film. Love what I have seen so far in his workouts, and just like the QB above doesn't force throws. Bolingbrook has a playmaker that could be a huge threat in these coming years.

Grant Stec TE/ATH Jacobs 6'6 225 HUDL TWITTER Top 25% Percentile

6'6 that there is a lot to deal with if you are a defender. Also already has the hands of a senior receiver. Could be used many ways on the field but again its going to take some time for this recruit. What will be interesting is going to see how his blocking develops. Grant could be a national recruit when all is said and done.

Eddie Tuerk DE Lyons Township 6'4 230 HUDL TWITTER Top 5% Percentile

Already is the Number #2 Recruit out of the state of Illinois for the Class of 2024. There hasn't been this much talk about a recruit on the westside of Cook County since JJ McCarthy. Great frame, and aggression for such a young player is always great to see. Again just great overall gap assignment discipline for a young DL.

Ethan Middleton RB St. Rita 5'10 180 HUDL TWITTER Top 25% Percentile

Multi-Purpose running back that does all the things right on the field. Will be the next big St. Rita star recruit we talk about in the upcoming season. Not bad when you have another top RB playing at St. Rita. Oh... did I also mention this kid can block as well. For such a young RB that is always a good sign.

Honorable Mention (Again These Recruits Are Still Growing And Their Scores Could Grow)

Julius Ellens ATH Glenbard West 5'10 167 HUDL TWITTER Top 30% Percentile

Soft hands and great positioning for the big catch from such a young recruit. Very impressed with playmaking ability that can take it to the end zone on any play. Coach Hetlet warned us about him this winter in the West Suburban Zoom Showcase. Julius proved himself these past spring season. FROM Coach Big Pete's Illinois Recruits That Are Ready Explode On The Recruiting Scene Classes Of 23'-24' ARTICLE

Luke Williams WR Naperville North 6'0 167 HUDL TWITTER Top 30% Percentile

Luke to me first and foremost has one of the highest on-field IQs for this 2024 Class. Can be one of the top WRs in the Land of Lincoln. Again another multi-scheme WR that can be a major dagger to defenses. I really believe we haven't seen his full speed yet on film with his growth.

Michael Prokos ATH Crystal Lake South 5'11 165 HUDL TWITTER Top 35% Percentile

Prokos was player I saw first at the Winter Throw It Deep session. The way he threw is body around just to make a catch just impressed me. With an impressive spring season this is a kid you need to keep an eye out for. Not yet ready to give him a position, the kid is still growing and can be utilized on both sides of the ball.

7 Class Of 2025 Illinois Recruits That Have Impressed Me So Far

(Again this is a very early impressions please understand that)


Gabe Kaminski Nazareth 6'3 200 ATH Twitter

Was impressed with Gabe at his WON Showcase workout in May. Kid has the frame and speed to be major recruit in the state of Illinois. Still growing and learning but could be a Top 3 Recruit in Illinois when all is said and done.

Colton Gumino York QB TWITTER

Still early on this very green QB, but it looks like York has one the best kept secrets in Illinois. What will be interesting is how well he learns the playbook and can he make a dent in the Dukes depth chart. Great arm as well impressive ball placement for such a young QB.

Iose Epenesa Edwardsville DL/ATH 6'3 228

Kid already has offers and is already following in the steps of his dad and big brothers. Multi-sport star coming in into high School. Is the talk of all major college staffs and scouts around America.

Ethan Plumb St. Charles North QB 6'3 195 TWITTER HUDL

Great frame for such a young QB and not to mention impressive throwing technique as well. Like the first 2025 QB, how well does he learn playbook. Huge amount of potential coming from this kid and did I mention he can play DE as well. Got to love a QB that can play with the hogs.

Jovan Clark Morgan Park ATH 6'0 195 TWITTER

Morgan Park has another stud in its ranks that could be a huge player for the Mustang football and Coach James. Saw this kid at Rise N Fire and just was blown away with his talent and couldn't believe he is just a freshman. Kid is built like a tank and just great overall speed.

Joe Reiff York 6'3 DE TWITTER

One of the very first 2025 players I heard about from Dupage County, that I was told to keep an eye out for from last year. Very young DL, its going to be interesting to see how he develops and his hand fighting technique as well.

Logan Malachuk Nazareth QB TWITTER HUDL

QB that can make the big throws when needed to. Will be very interesting to see how he develops his reads and his ability to break down coverages when he gets older. Great touch on the ball for such a young QB.

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