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Zach Poole Competes in the You Are Athlete Regional Exposure Camp

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

2026 Offensive Lineman, Zach Poole, attended the You Are Athlete Regional Exposure camp. Deep Dish talked to Zach about his performance at the camp.


The competitive matchups at YAA were focused on one-on-one pass protection against the defensive line. Poole felt this performance was solid, although there is always room for improvement. He showed a great level of aggression and the effectiveness using his hands against the opposing linemen. Poole plans to have a one-on-one discussion with Coach Chuck McFadden, the offensive line coach for Lincoln, to review film from the camp and identify any areas he can adjust and improve on. This was the most challenging camp Poole has participated in.


Poole took the approach that everyone there was a competitor with the goal of impressing coaches with NFL experience. The size of the 6’6, 300lbs lineman, and explosiveness off the line of scrimmage are what sets the Lincoln Community HS sophomore apart from his competition. He handles pressure situations with ease, keeping a positive mindset.


Poole said that Coach Lo Wood provided Poole inspiration and a fresh perspective on life and how to “attack things”. One proud moment from the camp was “how effective my snatch move was against the DL and putting their faces in the turf”.


Poole stays motivated during training and games by keeping my focus on reaching the next level and securing another playoff appearance. His primary objective for the upcoming season is not just to reach the playoffs, but to make a deep push towards a state championship appearance.


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