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Western Big 6 Conference 2022 Preview With Coach Big Pete - Geneseo Surprise

Welcome back IHSA Football!!! As is every June conference previews and again please remember predictions and previews mean crap. High school football is the greatest thing because of pure parity. What is up last year could be down this year and what is down last year can up this year. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN IHSA FOOTBALL. Last year 2021 was pure anarchy and no one knew what was going on. Also, unlike some prep writers who take credit and copy and paste the coach's work off a crap team questionnaire I do my own work. Thank You, to the high school coaches that put the info up on HUDL and emailed me info as well.

WESTERN BIG 6 CONFERENCE 2022 Season Preview

Western Big 6 is a top-heavy conference this year, and with some surprises that could emerge in the IHSA Playoffs. Moline, Sterling, are my top dogs for this upcoming season. Sterling has rich run offense, and not to mention tremendous defense. Moline will miss Bailey, but this team has some serious talent that you need to know about it. Geneseo is my surprise/contender team will be huge this season and could do some serious damage this season (If I'm I'll eat crow). United Township would be a surprise, but I believe with that offense it's not that much of a surprise see them as contender as well. Quincy is another contender team that could be on the rise as soon as we get in the season along with that passing attack. Galesburg, I believe will have tough one this season and got to get that first win against a tough Dunlap team. Alleman is Alleman, and until I see anything different, I am expecting the same result. Charlie Jagush is big time player for Alleman and a Notre Dame commit. Kid is an absolute monster no doubt about it, but he can't play 11 spots.

BEST BET: Moline & Sterling have a great shot at challenging for a State Title BUT they can't get a bad bracket pairing

BEST BET 2: United & Geneseo are better than most people think

TELL ME WHY: Big Western 6 is not afraid to face talented non-conference games. Big Shoutout to that

TOP BET: Quincy could emerge as a sleeper this season


Sterling, Moline

Contender Teams For The Western Big 6 2022

United Township, Quincy, Geneseo, Rock Island

Surprise Team For Western Big 6 2022



1. Western Big 6 features top undervalued recruits in the state of Illinois

2. Moline vs Sterling looks like the championship game

3. United Township QB Kelley is the most overlooked QB in the IHSA

4. Rock Island does have nice youth movement that you need to know about.

5. Quincy has to win that game against QND

Western Big 6 Players You Must Know From The Class Of 2023

Antonio Tabalante Sterling

Jacob Harris Geneseo

Riley Fuller Moline

Gregory Quince Quincy

Kael Ryan Sterling

Caleb Singleton Moline

Quonterrion Brooks Rock Island

Charlie Jagusah Alleman

Jace Bennett Rock Island

Grant Sibley Moline

Jason Bowker Alleman

Cameron Aguirre Galesburg

John Manso United

Nolan Carl Galesburg

Caron Banks Quincy

Kellen Kpogli United

Jaden Weinzierl Geneseo

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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