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Top '27 Recruit - Trae Taylor, Carmel Catholic - QB

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell-Trae currently has offers from University of Michigan, UNLV, University of Illinois, Maryland, Eastern Illinois, University of Miami, Purdie, Colorado, Tulane, Marshall, Purdue, and Central Michigan

Trae Taylor, Carmel Catholic, QB

Class Of 2027 6'2 175lbs

Jersey #: 6// Positions: QB // Height & Weight: 6’2” 175 // 40 Yard Dash: 4.9 //

Vertical: 33 // Bench: 180lbs // Deadlift (lbs): 315lbs

Trae, thank you for taking the time to talk to me tonight. Let’s talk about your recruiting. You are one of (if not THE) top prospect in the Class of 2027 in the State of Illinois. The offers were coming in before you even stepped on the field freshman year. Tell me a little bit about how you were noticed at such a young age?

I have been lucky. My dad started using social media for me at the age of 5. Because he played, he already had a lot of coaches following him. They watched me grow up in the game of football. Then my dad realized I had a special talent and kind of groomed me through the process. Playing for SMSB (SMSB is Sound Mind Sound Body. They are a college readiness program based in Detroit Michigan Curtis Blackwell is one of the founders that runs it.) allowed me to get in front of coaches at a very young age. In 7th grade my QB coach got me in front of Maryland's coaches and they were shocked at my knowledge, and I was offered. Coach Dooley laid my foundation for that. Not to mention Coach Tucker from Michigan St. started bringing me on campus in 6 Th grade … and had me coming to his camps where I was able to hold my own.

You hold offers from many Power 4 schools including the National Champions, University of Michigan, and you have met with Coach Moore. At this point (albeit very, very, early) is Michigan high on your list?

Michigan is high on my list and will always be high because of my relationship with Coach Campbell, but what has been great is getting Illinois, Purdue, and NC State involved, as well as UCLA. I now have other schools to really compare to Michigan.

You’ve visited some of the best facilities in all of college football. Which facilities and schools have really wowed you?

Obviously, Michigan has top notch facilities, but Purdue and Illinois do as well. I was pleasantly surprised at NC States facilities. It’s really nice down there. But LSU might be the best facilities I have seen!

Your father played football at Eastern Illinois-and football been a part of your life since you were born-you mentioned at the age of 5. Is that when you started playing?

Well, I came home in a Dallas Cowboys outfit and to a crib full of footballs, so it started early. I knew the full route tree at 4.

How did your first year of high school football go?

You know, really well. Playing in the Catholic league is different. I played on the JV level and got reps on varsity. You know everyone wants to be the guy on varsity. But I think how things played out for me perfectly. I was able to call my own plays and make mistakes and learn.

How has your off-season training been going, and what are you looking to improve on?

My off season is the most important thing for me. I have grown 5 inches and gained 40. Now I'm focusing and working on mechanics.

What is your strongest trait as a Quarterback?

I feel mental is by far what makes me different. How I have been trained is different.

How are your grades going this year?

I’m a 3.5 student in a very high academic school. My school (Carmel Catholic) is the only 5-time Blue Ribbon school in the country.

If there is one player that you would say this is going to be his year, who would you say?

I think that will be Kai Owens (C/O 2026 WR).


 Last question-many kids already look to you for inspiration-who inspires you?

My mom, she works her butt off for me and is my rock. If you could see her move around and how she works, you would understand why she is so inspiring.



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