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Talking With Moline OL Jenaro Sepeda Class Of 2025

So, in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know, but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. This is one of the many reasons why Deep Dish Football is respected in the IHSA. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Jenaro Sepeda Moline Class Of 2025 5'10 278 OL/DT

Jenaro Sepeda how was your sophomore season? It was good, was the youngest on the offensive line. Everyone else on the line was seniors, so I know I had to keep up with those guys and staying on top of my blocking assignments. What does football mean to you? Football means everything to me other than my academics also. Football is just like a whole other family to me and I know if I ever need anything or help those guys are the guys to listen to me. What should college coaches know about you? That I am always willing to go the extra step in my game and going to give 100% total effort in everything. I do even the basics. What do you feel is your strongest trait on the football field? My ability to communicate to my teammates and just finishing every play to the whistle. How does Moline look for the upcoming season? Looking pretty solid got some guys coming back. Off season we’ve all been grinding with 6:45 am team lifts and just hitting the field as a team on our own and putting work in. But overall, I think we’ll be solid.

What do you like about playing in the trenches? Just the physicality of it and also just knowing whoever is lining up in front of me I just get to beat the crap out of them for 48 minutes of my night. Like Coach Gorgal says, "Can't spell Moline without Oline."

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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