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Talking With 6'1" St. Viator D-Lineman Star Gu - Class Of 2026 - A Name You Should Know

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Star Gu, St. Viator, D-Line

Class Of 2026 6'1" 210lbs 3.8GPA

Jersey #:15 // Positions: DL // Height & Weight:6'1" 210lbs // Bench: 225lbs // 185lb Bench Press (Reps):7 // Squat (lbs): 315lbs

Star, how did your sophomore season go?

My sophomore season went great, it was my first time playing on the varsity level for the whole season. I learned a lot from the juniors and seniors, but l still think there are a lot of stuff I need to improve.


What does your off-season training look like?

I have been attending our off-season team workouts every day since the football season ended. Our whole winter was focusing on lifting heavy weights and putting on more muscles.

Are you planning on attending any camps this summer?

I am planning on going to the summer camp for Princeton and Yale. Playing at the next level has always been my dream, so l would go to any college camps to learn about the program and improve my skills.


You played football in China-what was that like?

I am a foreign exchange student here, so l played football back in China for a long time before I came. I played at the semiprofessional league with adults when I was back there. The biggest difference l learned is the understanding of football. There isn’t a lot of people who know about football in China. That’s the main reason why l came to America, to keep chasing my dream. My hometown is in Beijing, but l live in Shanghai.

What would you say is your strongest trait on the field?

I want to let all the coaches know that I would hit anyone as hard as possible the second l step on the field. I am a good listener when the Coach and teammates is talking and l would always encourage my teammates and force myself to be better every day.

How is school going for you being an exchange student?

School is going very well for me, l had a 4.24 GPA last semester and a 3.83 GPA overall. Being on the football program and the international department really helped me a lot to fit in to the school.


What are your goals for the off-season?

My Goal is to put on 30 lbs on me before the season starts which l still have 20 lbs to go. I also don’t want to get slower while getting stronger, so l have been doing agility and speed training outside of school.

If there is one thing you want to college coaches to know about you, what would that be?

Playing at the college level has been my dream since I was little. An offer or opportunity means everything for me. 110% effort and making big plays is the definition of my film. I would make routine plays routinely.

Last question-If there is one player on your team that you would say this is going to be his year, who would that be?

Brandon Valenzuela (C/O 2026 - OL/DL) and David Hosnedl (C/O 2026 - OL/DL). We have been working hard everyday this whole offseason, and they are going to make big plays next season.

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