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Talking With 6'1 Minooka High School MLB Billy Mutz - Class Of 2025 - Name To Watch

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Billy Mutz, Minooka High School, MLB

Class Of 2025 6'1 206 GPA 3.67

Jersey #:35 // Positions: MLB // Height & Weight:6'1" 206.2lbs // 40 Yard Dash: 5.19 // Vertical:25.5// Bench: 230 // Squat (lbs): 355lbs // Trap Bar Deadlift (lbs): 510lbs

Billy, how did your junior season go?

My junior season went well. I started as a second string back up until the second half of our 6th game against Yorkville. After that game I really stepped up and took over the role of our weak side inside line backer. I learned a lot from my junior season that will really help me my senior year.

What does football mean to you?

Football means a lot to me. I don’t really know what I would honestly do without it. Yes, it’s fun hitting people, but football also helped me make life long friends that will always be there for me. Since junior year, football has had a different meaning for me than years prior because my grandpa passed away sophomore year and he never missed any of my football games. He was always there. So, now when I’m playing football it’s still keeping me connected to him.

What part of your game are you working on in the off-sesason?

The main part of my game that I am working on this off season is getting stronger. I am working on this because last year I lacked being physical because I wasn’t strong enough. I was good at avoiding blockers but I wasn’t good at taking them on which I needed to work on. I am doing good with getting stronger, this off-season I have put on 16.2 pounds this off-season.

What is your strongest trait on the field?

My strongest trait on the football field is my football instincts. If I’m blitzing my instincts will kick in to where I’m timing up the blitz’s perfectly and getting in the back field. Also as soon as they snap the ball I’m already knowing where the play is going by instincts and just watching film prior to the game.


How is school going this year being a two sport athlete?

School is going good this year. I was on High Honor Roll last semester. As of right now I have a 3.67 GPA.

Do you plan on attending any camps this summer?

Yes, I plan on attending the Northwestern camp and the Miami of Ohio camp and maybe Lindenwood.


If there is one thing you would want a college coach to know about you, what is it?

I would want the college coach to know that I am gonna be working hard 100% of the time on and off the field. I will never have any troubles in the classroom. And on the field I will be going 100% and making sure my teammates are also going 100%.


If there is one player that you would say this is going to be his year, who would you say?

If there was one person on the team that I would have to say is going to have a breakout year it would be David Rabe (C/O 2025 - FS/S). I would say David because last year he played the last three games of the season because the person in front him got injured. And this offseason he has really been putting in the work with getting new PRs and his 40 time is a 4.73. He is bound to break out this season.



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