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Speaking With Freeburg Big Man Jacob Bronsman Class Of 2024

So, in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know, but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. This is one of the many reasons why Deep Dish Football is respected in the IHSA. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Jacob Bronsman Freeburg OL/DT Class Of 2024 6'2 245

Jacob Bronsman how has your offseason been so far?

My offseason has been pretty good so far besides having to rehab from a broken wrist. I've been working out a lot lately, focusing on footwork, speed, and anything else cardio wise I can. I have a trainer I've been going to everyday after school, as well as going to morning team workouts at the school. We are about to start summer workouts in a couple weeks. I have also been trying to get some of my fellow linemen on my team, freshmen through upcoming seniors, up to the field to workout. I try to have us help one another on improving our skills, either offense or defense and throwing in some footwork. I think when it comes to the rest of the offseason it will mostly be participating in camps and football practices.

How was your junior season?

My junior season went well personally, not saying there weren't struggles along the way, but it went well. I started at offensive tackle for our team and as well as being thrown in at defense. As far as a team and our record, we didn't have the best season. I love everybody that was on the team we had this year, but something that hurt us a lot was our ability to gel as a team. We were a really close group of players outside of football and during practice and enjoyed each other's presence but struggled together as a team during games. Even though we had a mostly losing season, I think we took it in stride and accepted it knowing that our team had so much potential and was actually good and that we could've done so much better. We started out strong in the beginning and just started to have some small issues that affected us along the way. I don't think there was a single game that we lost that we could have won.

What does football mean to me?

I see football as a steppingstone to college and an education, to be able to succeed for the future. I grew up playing football and I love playing it and playing with my teammates that I have played with since Kindergarten. I'd say football has become almost a community or a family where I live and I love it. I don't think it would be the same if the town I grew up playing in wasn't as thrilled about Friday night lights as the players are. We have many fans including family, students of the school, and people in the community who come out just to watch us play and they bring the energy. So I'd say football to me is a community and a bridge for the future.

What should college coaches know about you?

What I think college coaches should know about me is that I love competition. When it comes to the game, either offensively or defensively I'm usually a quick learner. I also think a big part of how I play is if I struggle or I think something going on is weird or needs to be changed, I'll always ask questions during the game on what can I fix, is there anything I can improve on or the whole line needs to fix. I believe being able to take a second and talk about what is going on and trying to understand what is going on during the game. I think this is a good way to play and always know how to fix things. I love working out. It's a hobby I enjoy in season and in the offseason, and I love that grind. I'd say another big one is that I'm a big team player. I try to treat everybody, no matter who they are and how they act, I try to treat them as family. Sometimes I will be told to be more selfish for myself during this sport, but I personally care more about succeeding as a team and as a family.

What do you feel is your strongest trait on the football field?

I'd say my biggest trait on or off the field is my will not to give up, even if I might not be giving the best performance. I like to ask the players and coaches questions during games to see if there is anything I need to fix or improve, or talking about what the other team is doing and learning and understanding that by breaking things down. I work hard and always want to improve as a player and as a team.

What do you like about playing in the trenches?

My favorite part about the trenches is that it's intense, it's fun, and it's a lot more complex than some people think. Some people don't understand how much goes into being in the trenches. They think it's just a bunch of meatheads slamming against each other. Being on the frontline comes with a lot of quick thinking and reacting, a lot of footwork and handwork, and a lot of paying attention and knowing what to do. I love playing a position that is so much of the bigger picture of the game.

What part of your game are you working on in the offseason?

Right now I'm working on offensive and defensive skills, making sure I have everything down this season. I've been trying to focus on defensive handwork and footwork. My offensive skills are a lot more solid right now, but there are still more I can learn and improve on.

What goals do you have for yourself this upcoming season?

My personal goal is to try to start on both sides of the ball this year. I want to improve my skills and get better than in previous years.My goals for the team are to try to have an undefeated season or end with a really good record this year. I also want to make sure that our team stays close and that we don't struggle working together.

How does Freeburg look for the upcoming season?

We have a lot of potential. We'll have a decent number of players this year and I also think that this group has always been closer than others because of playing together growing up and hopefully it will improve our playing. There are a lot of good kids coming up and a lot of present kids that have a lot of skill to show off on the field this upcoming season.

Who else on Freeburg should be on the lookout for this upcoming season?

If there were any players, I'd say to keep a lookout for this season it would be Dylan Smith. Dylan is a fast lineman, who is good with his hands, and fast getting off the ball. He is looking to move from lineman to linebacker this year. Tucker Murphy has been one of the major stars of the team offensively. He's really fast running with the ball and receiving it and he's a really good all-around player. Cole Stuart, our QB, is fast with the ball, and also has a good and accurate arm. Martin Mauricio is an upcoming Junior who has potential on the line if he keeps working hard. Then there are Josh Gauch and Bryson Browning. They both are really good defensive players at the linebacker position, are really aggressive and good at being able to read the field. Bryson is also one of our WRs who has always had some amazing plays during our games. Overall, I think our team has a lot of potential this year and you could find several more players to keep an eye out for, but those are some I want to shout out.

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