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Meet Hinsdale Central 6'5 Aidan Murphy Athlete Class Of 2023 - Recruit To Lookout For

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for lllinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Aidan Murphy Hinsdale Central Athlete 6'5 180 Class of 2023

Aidan Murphy how was your 2019 season? The 2019 season was a good first experience. Throughout Youth football I’ve played the line and starting in High School I’ve made the switch to WR/TE. Freshman year was a good starting point to get used to the new position and having the blocking skills really helped me out. I didn’t reach the numbers I’ve hoped for but I learned a lot and know what I need to work on which helped me this offseason in preparing for my sophomore year. What does football mean to you? Football to me isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion. Everyday I do things that I don’t particularly enjoy but I do, such as, schoolwork, chores, and making food. Football is something I choose to do. Of course in youth my parents made me sign up for sports, but that has changed. I’m the one looking for better training, and making time out of my day to play football . Football really throughout my life has become something that I enjoy doing and will play my whole life. What part of your game have you been working on in the offseason? The main part of my game that I’ve been working on is getting out of a press release. Freshman season other teams played a lot of zone which I was pretty good at reading the gaps, but sometimes I would go against a press releases and would not be able to get open. I even recall moment that really motivated me to get better based on how it made me feel. Over the off-season I’ve really focused on building my strength by going to the gym, getting faster by training speed with my trainer, and most importantly doing 1 on 1’s. I go to Bo Jackson Elite sports where we do 1 on 1’s every day. This has really took not only my press release game to the next level but also my route running and elusiveness skill to the next level. What should college coaches know about you? College coach’s should know my commitment. I can never recall a moment in my life where I have ever quit on something I committed to. Even going to practice I’ve barley in my whole sporting career with football and basketball I was the kid who was always there. Even in other aspects of my life, for example, school I don’t believe I have handed in a late assignment this whole year even with Covid. I also just don’t commit to practices and games I do things that aren’t in the deal. For football we aren’t required to go to the gym 6/7 days a week, but I do that and we aren’t required to do outside training and I still do that to. This is one thing I want college coach’s to know about me. What goals do you have for yourself this upcoming season? I always have goals such as such score this many touchdowns or get this many sacks, but the main goal is to make a name for myself. Last year I earned respect from my teammates and coaches, but this year it’s about earning respect from the program, earning respect in the state. Sophomore year is the year I want to put my football experience in the next gear by making a name for myself by getting exposure, putting up big numbers, and making clutch plays. This sophomore year is critical for more me because I want to start really separating my self from all the other football players in the nation.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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