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Meet 6'3 Marist Defensive Lineman Brad Fitzgibbon Class Of 2025 - Name You Must Know

So, in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know, but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. This is one of the many reasons why Deep Dish Football is respected in the IHSA. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Brad Fitzgibbon Marist DL/ATH Class of 2025 6'3 215

Coach Big Pete's Take

Brad Fitzgibbon has shown flashes of his talent on the defensive line, and yes he is still very raw on film. He has the handwork and placement but is still growing into his frame. Again will put some weight on over the years and improve with agility as well. Brad has a shot of being a top recruit in the Land of Lincoln.

Brad Fitzgibbon how was your freshmen season? It was everything I hoped my freshman season would be. I was a starting two-way player for my whole football career starting in 1st grade but was placed strictly on defense my freshman season which was an adjustment learning how to take a break on the sidelines but saw the benefits. I feel my defensive skills built each practice and game we played, and our team has a very bright future. What should college coaches know about you? I have an unmatched work ethic in the classroom taking all honors classes holding a 4.5 weighted GPA, in the weight room, and on the field. I’m the first one to take on a challenge and I don’t quit when I’m tired, I quit when I’m finished. I put the team first and understand you’re only as good as your weakest player. I take pride in my commitment and respect for coaches and teammates which means showing up every day giving 110% of yourself. I love the game of football. What does football mean to you? Football is dedication and drive. Money can’t buy either of those, it has to come from within yourself which separates the good players from the great players. It’s learning trust and growing from failure. Football is full of life lessons. It’s a family and the opportunity to share your gifts to fulfill a common goal. I’ve been taught by great coaches that the name on the front of your jersey is more important than the name on the back, so I feel it’s an honor given to represent your school and peers. What do you like about playing in the trenches? Absolutely nothing beats the trenches. The rush of lining up face to face inches apart from your opponent knowing when the ball snaps it’s going to require your skill, strength, and heart all at the same time within seconds to make the play that could win the game is a feeling skill players will never get to experience. The games are won upfront with us. What goals do you have for yourself this upcoming season?

Not only do I want to become stronger and faster, but I also want to make an impact at the varsity level as a sophomore. I also want to continue to challenge my teammates to be better which will ultimately help the team's success.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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