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Introducing 6'0 WR/TE/DE Brody Wantroba from St. Rita - Class Of 2027

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Brody Wantroba, St. Rita, WR/TE/DE

Class Of 2027 6'1 175

Jersey #:11 (Freshman) 87 (Varsity) // Positions: WR/TE/DE // Height & Weight:6'1" 175lbs //

Vertical:30 // Bench:215

Brody, how did your freshman season go?

I had a great freshman season going 8-1 as a team and playing well enough to get moved up to varsity for playoffs.


What does your off-season training look like?

I go to 6:00am team workouts Monday, Wednesday,Friday, along with GPS training in the afternoon. I also train individually Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What are your goals for the off-season?

My goals for the offseason are to get better in all the aspects of the game I struggle in and to become more explosive in my lifting while having good technique.

What is the strongest trait on the field?

My strongest trait on the field is how I’m a good team leader and I hold my teammates accountable while also helping them fix the mistake, and how I hold myself accountable.

What does football mean to you?

Football to me is the most important thing in my life other than family and friends because of the tight bonds it makes between teammates and the competitiveness.

You’ve been playing football since you were 6 years old. How was the transition to high school?

The transition into high school for me was a very big and thought out step because of all the opportunities I had to play at many different schools, and leaving my old teammates that I’ve played with for 8 years pursue my dreams of playing at a high level of football, and how going into a program and not knowing anyone.

How is school going this year?

School is going great. I finished the 1st semester with a 3.2 GPA (which could be better) and got recommended for 4 honors classes my sophomore year. The environment at St Rita makes me want to wake up and go to school everyday as well.

If there is one player that you would say is going to have a breakout year, who would you say?

One person on my team I would say is going to step it up this year is definitely Vinny Stubitsch (C/O 2027 WR/LS). Although he isn’t the biggest kid on the field he has a lot of love for the game and works his butt off every workout while also being a two sport athlete. Although there are many kids on the team that are going to spike their improvement from last year Vinny is definitely going to be the one who stands out most.


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