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Introducing DePaul Prep QB, Blake Yucan - Class Of 2026

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Blake Yucan, DePaul Prep, Quarterback

Class Of 2026 5'11 GPA:3.5

Blake, what does football mean to you?

Football means everything to me. It's a place where I can be myself, build a bond with my brothers and forget about everything else I have going on in life.

How did your sophomore season go?

My sophomore season was decent. As a collective, we did ok, but we are all working very hard this off season to bring our school it's first playoff appearance.

I watched your highlights, you had some nice touchdown passes!

Thank you very much.

What part of your game are you working on in the off season?

This off season I have prioritized footwork and decision making. I train two times a week along with 7v7 practice. I try to make sure that my footwork and mechanics are the same every single rep. As far as decision making, I have been practicing my reads and knowing the ends and outs of coverages along with what the defense tries to manipulate you into seeing as a quarterback.

What do you like about playing QB?

What I like about playing quarterback is having command. I also like having the ability where my brothers can lean on me in adversity and look to me as a leader on and off the field.

What is your strongest trait on the field?

My strongest trait on the field is accuracy. I feel like when I get into a rhythm I can make all throws on time and accurately.

What should college coaches know about you?

I would like them to know I am very coachable and am always willing to do whatever it takes to become a better player and person.

If there is one player that you would say this is going to be his year, who would you say? There are four of my teammates that have been working very hard this off season:

Braden Peevy (Class of 2025 WR/6'0/175)

Jett Reese (Class of 2025 IL/OL/6'3/225)

Matthew Osterman (Class of 2026 WR/LB)

Nolan Rivera (Class of 2026)

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