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Illinois Central Eight Conference 2021 Preview With Coach Big Pete - Same Old, Same Old

Welcome back IHSA Fall Football!!! As is every August I do conference previews and again please remember predictions and previews mean crap. High school football is the greatest thing because of pure parity. What is up last year could be down this year and what is down last year can up this year. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN IHSA FOOTBALL. Also unlike some prep writers who take credit and copy and past the coaches work. Thank You, to the high school coaches that put the info up on HUDL and emailed me info as well. Also I am not taking that much from the COVID Spring Season. Spring Season was a very weird and crazy time. Was going to do Conference Preview videos, but no one needs to see my face till next week. It will be just article form


Ok well it looks like the same old Illinois Central Eight range of talent to me and results. Now I do believe that this is one of the better conferences this fall filled to the brim with great teams. Wilmington looks to be the top dog team in 3A and is an automatic 3A IHSA State contender. Coal City looks like another top dog team in this conference with great amount of two-sided athletes. Keep a close eye out for that Coaler defensive line. Lisle has a tremendous line play that you need to know about along with a underrated QB play. Peotone and Manteno could be two big challengers for this upcoming season and I like what I saw from Manteno at the Clifton Central 7on7. Peotone to me looks like they have a really good shot to clinch a IHSA playoff spot. Reed Custer is my surprise team this season, and I mean just wow!!! Have been blown away with this team since watching them in Clifton. The amount of pure athletes they have is amazing. Reed Custer could be that one huge surprise in Illinois for this season. Streator to me is just wait and see till we get to Week 3. People need to keep a very close eye on Cade Stevens this season. Herscher has got some great size for that offense and needs to be talked about more this Preseason. I really do not see a weak spot in the Conference this 2021 Fall season.

TOP BET: Wilmington will be in DeKalb for Thanksgiving weekend

ALL IN BET: Reed Custer will make the IHSA Playoffs this season

Illinois Central Eight Top Dog Teams For 2021

Wilmington, Coal City

Illinois Central Eight Contenders

Herscher, Peotone, Lisle, Manteno

Illinois Central Eight Surprise Teams

Reed Custer, Streator



Allan Richards Wilmington

Elliot Cassem Reed Custer

Tyler Hendricker Peotone

Cade Stevens Streator

Ian Knotts Manteno

When you hear people talk about 3A being a wrap because Montini will be in it. Nobody has looked at the recent history of Montini with run disciplined offenses.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football



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