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DuPage Valley Conference 2022 Preview With Coach Big Pete - Naperville vs Everybody

Welcome back IHSA Football!!! As is every June conference previews and again please remember predictions and previews mean crap. High school football is the greatest thing because of pure parity. What is up last year could be down this year and what is down last year can up this year. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN IHSA FOOTBALL. Last year 2021 was pure anarchy and no one knew what was going on. Also, unlike some prep writers who take credit and copy and paste the coach's work off a crap team questionnaire I do my own work. Thank You, to the high school coaches that put the info up on HUDL and emailed me info as well. FULL CONFERENCE PREVIEW VIDEO ON THE BOTTOM


Well, this was a pure horse race last season and Naperville Central, Neuqua Valley, Naperville North battled till Week 8. Alot of people were surprised with the fact that Naperville Central competed and almost won DVC title. That was the only thing I got right about my predictions last season for the DuPage Valley Conference. Naperville teams represented well, but other dogs in the fight not so well. Metea Valley almost shocked people with a three-game winning streak. Waubonsie Valley and DeKalb sort of came out the gate disappointing and I'm sticking to my surprises this season. Now going onto this season, I see Neuqua Valley and Naperville North as the tops dogs of the conference and Naperville Central as the Challenger. DeKalb and Waubonsie Valley are both teams like last season seeing to surprise the DuPage Valley Conference. Again, I'm putting my money on DeKalb and Waubonsie Valley this season. Metea Valley has to win early to have a chance this season. Main thing that I ask is, can we finally have DuPage Valley team in a state title game this November.

TOP BET: This will be a weird season in the DVC

TOP BET 2: 3 Teams from DVC will make the Playoffs

TELL ME WHY: Waubonsie Valley seems like a huge sleeper this season after a disappointing season last year

GAMES I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Naperville Central vs Neuqua Valley & Naperville North vs Neuqua Valley

DuPage Valley Top Dogs For 2022

Naperville North & Neuqua Valley

DuPage Valley Contender For 2022

Naperville Central

DuPage Valley Surprises For 2022

DeKalb & Waubonsie Valley

(I'll Eat Crow For This One)


1. Naperville North has it all and has a legit shot at a state title game in November.

2. Why does Metea Valley get draw of the bad luck but don't sleep on them

3. Naperville Central offense has to fire on all cylinders starting the season for success

4. DeKalb is huge Darkhorse and love their line against DVC defensive lines.

5. Neuqua Valley cannot afford any costly mistakes in October

DuPage Valley Players You Must Know From The Class Of 2023

Aidan Gray Naperville North

Mark Mennecke Neuqua Valley

David Olano Naperville North

Ryan Brown Metea Valley

Matt Musial Naperville Central

Ethan McCarter DeKalb

Ryan Anderson Naperville North

Brij Fowler Waubonsie Valley

Ryan Spickerman Naperville Central

Nathan Jacobs Naperville North

Tayo Taiwo Metea Valley

Versie Walker Neuqua Valley

Michael Popov Waubonsie Valley

Tyler Dodd Naperville Central

Cole Dutkovich Neuqua Valley

Anthony Fabricino DeKalb

Nathan Hoard DeKalb

Jackson Kerstin Naperville North

Jaden McGee Neuqua Valley

Grant Larkin Neuqua Valley

Future DuPage Valley Players To Watch

Julian Johnson Waubonsie Valley

Oscar Rivera Metea Valley

Ryan Mascari Neuqua Valley

Maverick Ohle Naperville Central

Jacob Bell Naperville North

Talen Tate DeKalb

Luke Williams Naperville North


Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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