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Deep Dish Football Tour 2021: Stop #10 Morton - Promising Program

Head Coach Bob Organ

0-4 Spring Season Record

Thank You to Coach Organ for letting me stop by at the Morton camp this morning. Huge shoutout to my protégé (a small joke) Coach Helton for making it all happen today. Yes, also my guy Coach Grayson for getting on me to visit Morton also worked as well. Well I got to say I really enjoyed my time at Morton football, it was a fun camp. My hat goes off to those coaches bringing in that type of setting to those kids to produce a fun and energetic camp. Its says a lot when you can make player laugh at camp/practice. A lot should be said about what coach Organ is doing for this program and I think he has taken all the right steps. He has built a foundation of creating a fun and competitive program for all the kids. Morton's history has not been that good in a tough WSC and those players from past to present deserve all the accolades. All it takes is a belief in what they do and teamwork from the Mustangs. Really see a bright future for this Morton team and I think they can do some damage against the WSC in these coming years. Love the additions they have made on their coaching staff. For me I'm keeping a close eye on Mustang playmakers Jovan Butts, Jayshon Lemon, and Quentin Dillon. Those three players will be huge for a successful season this Fall. Keep a very close eye on that Morton running attack this coming season as well. These kids have the right attitude and their an awesome approach to the game. I really think in a couple years that they can make it to the IHSA Playoffs. This program deserves to be in the IHSA playoffs!

2 Games To Watch From The 2021 Morton Fall Schedule

@ Riverside Brookfield Aug 27th Tempo Game

@ York Sept 3rd Big Game

For this Morton team to have a successful season it begins in those first 3 weeks. Riverside Brookfield is their tempo game that could set the foundation for the season. York game will be their big game if they can pull it off watch out for the Mustangs.

Players I'm Keeping An Eye Out For On Morton 2021 Season

Javon Butts

Jay Lemon

Aaron Miramontes

Quentin Dillon

David Arana

Leon Kelsick

Impressive Time At Morton Today

#10 Stop Of The 5th Annual Deep Dish Football Tour

Thank You To Head Coach Organ For Letting Me Stop By

Thank You To Coach Helton For Organizing The Stop By

Thank You To Coach Grayson For Telling I Got To Stop By

Thank You To All The Morton Players And Coaches

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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