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Conversation With Wheaton Warrenville South 6'3 TE Kyle Powelke Class Of 2024 - Name You Must Watch

So, in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know, but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. This is one of the many reasons why Deep Dish Football is respected in the IHSA. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Kyle Powelke Wheaton Warrenville South TE/DL Class Of 2024 6'3 225

Kyle Powelke how is your offseason going so far? It’s going really well, everyday I’ve been getting stronger, faster, developing my skills, and preparing for the football season coming up. I also participated in Baseball for my high school, which we won regionals for the first time in 20 years I believe. I’ve also attended a couple camps and visited a couple of schools. I also have recently acquired an offer to play at UW -Platteville. How was your junior season? As a team I believed we fought really hard every game and never gave up, but we didn’t get an outcome we wanted, our record was 3-6. Personally, I believe that I really stepped up and showed out, I didn’t play every snap but when I went into the game, I did my job as soundly as possible. Our first game against Simeon was a wakeup call to me, because as a Tight End I had to block and edge rusher who is mechanically sound and has many offers, but that game was a smash mouth game, every play was very physical and mentally demanding. Then for our next game, my coach put me as a Defensive Tackle, which was the first time I played the position and I feel like I adapted to the spot very quickly. For the whole season I gave 101% effort into whatever I did, if it was in the classroom, or on the Field or weight room, no matter what I competed to the best of my abilities.

What should college coaches know about you? College Coaches should know that I’m for the team 100% of the time, I’m willing to adapt to any situation that’s thrown to me and that I’m very coachable, and I will take in coaching points and use that to improve my game. I also feel like my hard work and yearning to get better every rep/practice is what make me stand out. I also have a mentality that makes me want to get better also. Finally, I believe I have a great personality when it comes to off-field situations. I always want to succeed in the classroom, and volunteer helping others outside of football. What does football mean to you? Football means many things to me, it’s brought me to form great relationships with players and coaches. Football teaches me many things as well, not just teaching me things about the sport but about myself, it teaches me to be a better person, and to grind for what I want. But most importantly Football feels like a safe haven for me because I can be myself and I feel happy all the time, even though football brings difficulties, those stressful times have taught me many things What do you feel is your strongest trait on the football field? I feel like I’m a leader on the field because I feel like I lead verbally and by example all the time. No matter what the situation could be during the season I’m always there for a teammate, and I’ll always help teammates in game/practice. I also feel like my intensity is a big part of my game, knowing there’s always going to be someone stronger than me make me more aware that I have to be prepared 24/7. I always feel like I need to push others because our whole team wants to succeed but it only takes one guy on the team to bring the morale down, and I’m trying to not let that happen at all during the season. So I believe pushing others would want them to bring the intensity every play.

What goals do you have for yourself this season? My biggest goal is of course to win state, but I like to set smaller goals to build up to that situation. A couple of them is to show out during every snap, every lift, every practice and every game 100% of the time. Have a team who believes in each other and can put trust into everyone on the team. I also want to be the best person I can off the field, in the classroom and in public. But finally my last goal is to succeed and win every single situation I’m thrown into.

Who is the funniest coach on the WWS team? I believe every coach has a great sense of humor, but of course no one can beat Coach Rony Saba, he is a great coach when you need someone to pump you up. My dad said to me after watching a scrimmage game saying “if every football coach from the 80’s was a person, it’ll have to be him”. He always brings the intensity, and I don’t even know how he doesn’t lose his voice after screaming “NO ONE WALKS EXCEPT FOR THE MAILMAN” 24/7!

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