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Conversation With Mount Carmel OL Eddie Fleck Class Of 2023

So, in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know, but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. This is one of the many reasons why Deep Dish Football is respected in the IHSA. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Eddie Fleck Mount Carmel 6'3 250 Class Of 2023

Eddie Fleck how is your season going for you so far? It’s going great. We’re rolling right now, but the jobs not over. Our guys are playing really well though. The best part about it so far is seeing all the guys that work their tails off all year long getting so much time. In 6 of our games those guys were in at half, and they deserve it. Everyone on our squad grinds every day and pushes us to the max. There’s so much talent on our team but there’s only 22 spots so it’s awesome getting everyone in there because we would not be in this position without them. The defense is scary! They fly around and hit guys like no other defense I’ve played against. Playing the best defense in the state every day in practice is definitely what is keeping our 7-0 train a roll.

What does football mean to you? Me personally football is all about brotherhood. Football doesn’t last forever but the brotherhoods do. Yea it’s nice to win games and everything but the best part is hanging out with the guys and celebrating as a team afterwards. We are such a close-knit group and we all get along. We’ve been through so much as a unit. I’d say all of our success has been because of the burden you feel from letting your brother down next to you. Us seniors had to fight through some adversity our sophomore year when a brother and teammate was taken from us. This incident was very hard on most of the guys but It definitely brought us much closer and it showed us not to take the opportunities we have for granted. It gave us another reason to win. This season is definitely in memory of Isaiah Wade.

What should college coaches know about you? I’m a hard worker. I may be undersized compared to an ideal college offensive lineman, but I do really love the sport and the grind. I can get the job done. Also, I’ve been told I’m a good leader, I’m not going to say that, but I think the guys do trust me as a captain and they do work extremely hard every day. What do you like about playing in the trenches? I’d say the best part is the fact that we control the game. Sure, there’s no glory in the trenches but it is the deciding factor in every ball game. If we’re playing soft, the center messes up the snap or any of us miss our assignments, we will ruin the team's momentum. I make sure our guys know that when they start to get a little sloppy It all starts with us up front, we have to play tough and fast if that’s how we want the team to play. Once we got that through our heads, we have been setting the tone early and that is what we have to continue doing if we want further success. I have so much trust in our skill guys I know that if we give Dowling some time or Dupree some holes, they will put up points.

Who is one player on Mount Carmel that is having a breakout season? That’s a tough question. I can’t give it to one guy. It takes 60 guys being all in to win games and everyone works so hard to make that happen. Obviously, the defense has so many hard hitters and they have 5-6 heads on every tackle. They are all on the same page and will do whatever it takes to stop the other team from scoring, and I think the seniors like Arrington, Schickel, Novickas and Naujokas have a big part in that. They set the tone and lead by example the younger guys on the defense definitely look up to them. Someone who’s had a breakout season on the defense is junior Danny Banks. He’s a little guy but he’s scrappy. He has made many big plays when they count, and he has definitely improved a lot since the season started and he’s only getting better from here. On the offensive side of the ball, it’s almost impossible to say. Our receivers are insane No matter who goes in there we can trust them to get their job done. Furlong is one kid who comes to my head right away. This kid is unbelievable. He has the best hands I’ve ever seen and he’s tuff as nails. He already has 2 punt returns. He just lets his game do the talking. Our other receivers like Jaden Bossie Moe Davis and Jimmy Deacy have had great seasons so far as well. Our Running backs are unbelievable Dupree and Alonzo Manning are 2 of the toughest kids. They have that winning mindset, and they are the hardest workers on the team. If I had to pick one kid who’s had a breakout season it would have to be Blainey Dowling. He’s a great leader and also has that winning mindset. He gets the guys zoned in and holds everyone accountable. He has put in so many hours outside of practice. He spends his lunches in Coach Lynch’s office watching film and whenever we have a day off, he makes sure to get some receivers up to the local high school for some routes. He does the right thing all the time and our guys look up to him, without him we are simply not the same team. I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated to something in my life and that’s what we need from our QB1.

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