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Coach Big Pete's Illinois Recruits That Are Ready Explode On The Recruiting Scene Classes Of 25'-26'

So here are my Illinois Recruits That Are Ready Explode On The Recruiting Scene Classes Of 2025 & 2026. I consider these recruits that are going to explode on the Illinois recruiting scene late this summer going into the fall. Again, I have to repeat this are not rankings (I have to keep doing this lol). Really think these group of top recruits could be huge names in the coming months of recruiting for the state of Illinois. This is coming from my scouting notes and just talk around the college coaches circle during this 2023 camp season. College Coaches if you need more info, please email me or DM me. Email - Also coaches will be sending out top scouted games schedule next month.


Charlie Cruse Downers Grove North WR/ATH Class Of 2025 6'1 185 HUDL TWITTER

This Trojan will be a huge star for the upcoming fall. Charlie has grown beyond expectations from last season. Developing his routes and shown progress in this catching ability. Blew me away this spring going into the summer with his growth during his work at North Central & 7on7. Did an absolute wonderful job at QBs for the Cure event last Sunday. Ran crisp routes and kept his hips pointed towards the ball.

Jordan Vyborny TE Harlem Class Of 2025 6'4 215 HUDL TWITTER

Raw, but the pure talent is there. Again, his growth will be a thing to watch this fall. Frame and speed are all there. The huge thing will be in his game film for the upcoming season. Blocking ability and keeping his hips square will be one thing to watch. Has a huge shot to be top tight end in the midwest.

Austin Roush Naperville North OL Class Of 2025 6'4 258 HUDL TWITTER

Grew this whole offseason with height and overall technique. The key will be his balance when engaging defenders for this upcoming season. Gets off snaps quick to make his first contact stick with defenders. Part of a monster unit for the Huskies.

Jeraius Rice Jr RB/ATH Quincy Class Of 2025 5'11 185 HUDL TWITTER

Jeraius has been one of the most talked about multi-purpose playmaking athletes in the state of Illinois. Much talk about his athleticism, but his on field IQ is what makes him special. When he gets the ball in his hands, he can take it to the house. His vision and ability to process open field is special.

McHale Blade DE Hillcrest Class Of 2026 6'4 236 HUDL TWITTER

Kid is an absolute mauler of a man. Closes off the edge and is natural QB predator. Tremendous closing burst of speed for a player that size. Again, he has 3 seasons for growth especially in technique. Great vision and finds the ball carrier. Could be a national prospect after this season.

Luca Siamashvili OL Stevenson Class Of 2025 6'6 330 HUDL TWITTER

Tree trunk of a recruit and just pure natural strength. The main thing is in his improvement on pass blocking and ability to transfer work in the weight room onto the field. The main thing will be scouts watching his ability to pick up the blitzers and finishing off his blocks.

Robert Boyd-Meents RB Paxton-Buckley-Loda Class Of 2025 5'11 190 HUDL TWITTER

Robert has been a huge Central Illinois star. I got to say his game film has been impressive. Name that just keeps growing on college coach's tongues. Will be making the headlines again this fall with big game stats. Natural on-field sense to find the hole and keep going make him special.

Jack Getz DB Benet Class Of 2026 6'1 165 HUDL TWITTER

Jack has been getting attention these past weeks from scouts and will continue his progress on the field. Sideline to sideline ability and not to mention the hip tracing against receivers. Natural playmaking skills is what attracts college coaches this upcoming season.

Owen Lansu QB Downers Grove North Class Of 2026 6'3 165 HUDL TWITTER

Owen has been one of the most talked about QBs for the Class of 2026. He has improved overall skills for the spring and summer. Overall size has been something wonder, and IQ growth has shown last season. His arm strength is magnificent and throwing ability off the run. Arm mechanics are looking stronger from last year and will be one of the most scouted QBs in the Midwest this fall. Only kid I have talked about multiple times in a Jewel checkout line with IHSA football fans.

Brandon Parades QB Plainfield East Class Of 2025 6'1 170 HUDL TWITTER

Parades showed out for long time but looks different now. Brandon has grown to immense heights. His delivery has improved so much that its almost shocking. Has the arm but needs to work on his patience as the play develops. Could be one of the best QBs in the Midwest by the end of his junior season.

Niko Kokosioulis ATH Maine South Class Of 2026 5'6 150 HUDL TWITTER

Niko has shot up the ranks of college coaches boards this summer. Overall athletic ability is there and can bounce off of the hits. The big thing will be about his receiving skills this season. Alot of people will be watching how much he can grow physically as well. Has a shot to be a Top 30 recruit in the Land of Lincoln for 2026.

Wyatt Mueller ATH Quincy Notre Dame Class Of 2025 6'1 190 HUDL TWITTER

Tremendous athlete from QND, that you must know about for the upcoming season. Kid is an absolute athletic beast that you need to know about. Multi-faceted athlete that you need to know about. Pure playmaker that can play both sides of the ball. Great sideline to sideline speed when his in coverage. High vision, and his reads are perfection when his out for coverage.

Jack Skoog QB Prospect Class Of 2025 6'4 HUDL TWITTER

Next big thrower out the Northwest Burbs that you need to know about. Frame and athletic ability are what makes this kid very intriguing to college coaches. Haven't seen a QB of his size with that level of mobility in 3 years. Most will be watching how he deciphers varsity defenses.

Jacob Benson OL Hononegah Class Of 2025 6'5 288 HUDL TWITTER

This just in Hononegah has another big man that you must know about. Mr. Benson is one of the best young OL in the state of Illinois. Needs to work on footwork and burst this season. Again, most young OL need that growth till we see the finished product their senior season. Love his ability to get that first contact with a defender.

Kellen Gamble OL Homewood Flossmoor Class Of 2026 6'4 250 HUDL TWITTER

Kellen has been one of the hottest prospects in the state of Illinois. Still very green but has pure star ability that you need to know. Overall mobility is what makes him special. Will need to work getting off his snap and improve on his leverage. Very typical of freshmen linemen but he will show improvement this upcoming season. Again, that HF linemen factory is working on overtime.

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