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Coach Big Pete's 2022 Boom Winter Best Of Best Showcase Eye Catchers & Review

By: Peter "Coach Big Pete" Leinweber

Huge Shoutout to JR Niklos and the Boom Staff for another wonderful time at your Showcase. Been coming here since 2017 and every year I have been impressed with this showcase. Again, this is one the best showcases in the country in my opinion, well organized and thought out by this staff. Below are players who impressed me and showed me something at the Best of Best Showcase on Sunday. As always in my scouting, I also look at the HUDLS/Game Film as well (Gamefilm doesn't lie). It took some time because I wanted to double check to make sure I got the numbers right on the showcase list. If I made a mistake on numbers please send me an email at (TRUST ME I'M NOT PERFECT LOL).

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Drew Surges #91 St. Charles North Athlete Class of 2023 6'2 185 HUDL TWITTER

Drew looked great today along with his playmaking ability against the pass and huge int grab. Huge athletic recruit in the state of Illinois that took the Illinois recruiting scene by storm in the later Fall 2021 season. One of the more talked about recruits from the Boom showcase and is only getting better.

Logan Lester Kenwood #254 WR Class of 2023 6'3 190 HUDL TWITTER

Heavily recruited and one of the top offensive weapon recruits in the state of Illinois. Logan proved it again on Sunday with his route running and great hands. Love the fact that adjusts his body to make the catch. Mr. Lester is one of the top WRs in the Midwest and hitting that National Spotlight.

Justin Kretz Warren Township #336 LB Class of 2023 6'1 205 HUDL TWITTER

Kretz has been shooting up the radar with playmaking ability and on field IQ that needs to be talked about more. Really showed off his athletic side at the showcase today and showed why he is a top recruit in the Land of Lincoln.

Kanye Tyler Pekin #416 Athlete Class of 2023 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

One of the most underrated recruits in the state of Illinois that you need to know about. Had a hell of a great season this fall and was one of the key Dragon playmakers. Proved Sunday why he is the top recruit from the state of Illinois and needs to be looked at by college coaches. Ability to switch his direction with his footwork that quick was quite impressive. Could hit that Midwest spotlight by later this year.

Gabe Rosen Evanston #111 OL Class of 2023 6'7 340 HUDL TWITTER

A wall for any offensive playmaker that is looking for daylight to run. Gabe has lived up to all expectations this Sunday especially just with is raw strength. Top OL recruits that still is a work in progress but I have been blown away by his progression at OL. Main thing for Gabe will be his agility and finishing off his blocks.

Sean Scheck Marmion Academy #370 DL Class of 2023 6'2 245 HUDL TWITTER

Scheck was the biggest surprise at the Boom Showcase. Just pure talent on the defensive line and his ability with leverage and handwork makes him a interesting recruit in the state of Illinois. Another hybrid edge rusher that could be used in that stack defense at the college level. Love my wrestling defensive linemen, show great technique and ability to dip those hips.

Grant Larkin Neuqua Valley #260 WR Class of 2023 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

Grant is Grant..... He has been impressive since last winter and Sunday was no exception. Always fight for the ball and is ready to make a big play for the QB. Is just great technical WR that powers offenses.

Kristian Gavric Libertyville #338 WR Class of 2023 6'3 185 HUDL TWITTER

Another surprise from Sunday, and I was in shock with this kid. Kristian is the real deal and name you must know from Libertyville. Great frame and makes separation with DBS to get that key catch. On-field IQ is impressive along with his ability to lay the block.

Maverick Ohle Naperville Central #354 DE/ER Class of 2024 6'2 220 HUDL TWITTER

Workout machine, who never stops and never goes down easy. Makes big plays on defense and frame just screams edge rusher. Hand work is quite impressive and battles off of blockers which is impressive for a Sophomore defensive lineman. One of the better defensive rushers in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2024.

Elijah Owens Jacksonville #406 QB Class of 2023 6'2 210 HUDL TWITTER

Jacksonville was surely represented in the Boom showcase especially with this gunslinger. Elijah made some big time throws this season that you need to know about. Elijah again is a Top 5 QB in the state of Illinois with no doubt. We tend to overlook Central Illinois QBs but this should not be the case for Elijah.

Giovanni Pamfili Hinsdale Central #371 OL Class of 2023 6'5 278 HUDL TWITTER

Giovanni is one of the top recruits in the DuPage County area for the Class of 2023. Coming from the Hinsdale Central OL factory he proved it at the showcase. Still raw in his footwork but expecting big things this next season. One thing I'm looking forward to is his maturation process going into Spring/Summer.

Miles Cremascoli New Trier #434 WR Class of 2024 6'1 190 HUDL TWITTER

Cremascoli is another New Trier playmaker that I will be keeping an eye out for going into this Summer. Another raw potential recruit that will be a wait and see going later into the year. Huge fan of his handwork and tenacity on making a big play. Looks good with the hands and ability with his frame to catch those inside passes.

Karl Schmalz Niles Norte Dame #290 DE Class of 2023 6'4 240 HUDL TWITTER

Karl has that killer instinct at defensive end and that has to be to his wrestling background as well which you got to like. Big defensive recruit that I like to hear about more and more from college coaches that you need to know. He will be an exciting defender to watch for the upcoming season. His upcoming regular season schedule screams trench battles to watch for scouts. Old school four man front Defensive End that strikes terror to QBs.

Donovan Olugbode Montini #172 WR Class of 2025 6'1 185 HUDL TWITTER

Donovan made a huge impression on Sunday and could be one of the very top recruits in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2025. He will be a dynamic Bronco playmaker for this upcoming season with Teschner throwing at him. He is that WR, that will be on the national scene not too soon. You must know Donovan Olugbode IHSA football family

Aiden Lennon Antioch #347 ATH Class of 2023 6'0 205 HUDL TWITTER

Aiden looked really good, and got to say he impressed me more than any other RBs out there on Sunday. Looking at him closely as the Winter passes and we go into the Summer camp season. Multi-purpose player that just does right thing every play.

Ryan Boyd East St. Louis #63 WR Class of 2023 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

Another bigtime Flyer to lookout for this Fall... Really amazed by Ryan and his ability to create space between defenders. Overall was one of the best WRs at that Showcase on Sunday. Him and Battle will be another dynamic duo in the state of Illinois for the 2022 season.

Nick True Jacobs #93 Athlete Class of 2023 6'5 190 HUDL TWITTER

Big time Eagle playmaker along with his counterpart Stec. Combination of size, speed, and athletic ability that sets Nick apart from a lot of recruits in his class. Again he could fill a lot of different needs for a college offense. Pay attention to this kid very closely could be big Springtime riser.

Cole Teschner Montini #278 QB Class of 2023 6'2 189 HUDL TWITTER

Cole put some muscle on and had great touch on the ball today. Love the fact that he is still has one more year left and continues to grow. Again has progressed more than any other QB from the 2023 Class. Scouts/Coaches will be looking at his progressions and reads going into later in the year.

Gerald Floyd Plainfield North #95 LB/ATH Class of 2023 6'2 206 HUDL TWITTER

Has been a pleasant surprise from fall to now in the winter. One of the more athletic linebackers at the showcase. Love his instincts to find the ball carrier and make the play on defense. What more can be said about this kid's frame and on-field IQ. Could be a top 10 linebacker in the state by the summer camp season.

Angelo Stockstill Simeon #228 Athlete Class of 2023 6'4 170 HUDL TWITTER

Angelo is a defensive back but I can see him playing multiple roles on a defense. Kid was on fire the whole Sunday at the Naperville Yard, no doub