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Coach Big Pete's 2021 Classes 1A-8A IHSA Playoff Talk - IHSA Releases Playoff Pairings Reaction

By: Peter "Coach Big Pete" Leinweber

And so it begins #IHSA Football Family... The quest for glory as all 8 classes battling for one spot and history. COVID rob these kids of the playoffs last year. Now we will have IHSA Football Playoffs for the first time in two years. Again these 2021 playoffs will be pure chaos and havoc. On the bottom have two videos 1-4 A and 5-8A. Lets first show the pairings below and will provide a Darkhorses, Favorites, ETC....

IHSA Class 1A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - Stay away from this bracket!!!! This Class 1A Playoff is going to pure chaos and I just don't see a favorite in Class.

Darkhorses - Athens & Ottawa Marquette

Most Likely Winner - NUIC Team

IHSA Class 2A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - St. Teresa & Wilmington Championship Game would be a dream come true. Much better playoff than 1A and much clearer picture.

Favorite- St. Teresa & Wilmington

Darkhorses- Bishop McNamara & Mater Dei

Watch Out For - Johnston City & Pana

IHSA Class 3A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - ICCP vs Tolono Unity Championship game is what alot of people are thinking but I don't think so. This 3A playoff is going to be another chaotic mess just waiting to happen.

Favorite - ICCP

Darkhorses - DU-PEC, Benton, Mt. Carmel, Reed-Custer

Not Surprised If Byron Won It All This Year

IHSA Class 4A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - Joliet Catholic vs Rochester State Title Game 7pm DeKalb NIU Stadium............. Not, so fast people!!! Be scared Hilltoppers and Rockets of teams that look like wins but could be losses. I see alot of mines in this minefield.

Favorites: Joliet Catholic & Rochester

Darkhorses: SHG, St. Francis, Wheaton Academy, Richmond Burton, Kewanee

Not surprised if we see a St. Francis vs Joliet Catholic Quarterfinal

IHSA Class 5A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - The favorite matchup for 5A would be Fenwick vs Kankakee...... BUT I just don't see it. Parity is going to strike this Class playoff. Nazareth, Glenbard South, and Mahomet Seymour should scare people don't sleep on them.


Darkhorses- Nazareth, Mahomet-Seymour, Glenbard South (Yes they are seeded #1, but a lot of people don't see them as a contender.. I do)

IHSA Class 6A Playoff - Coach Big Pete's Take - East St. Louis vs Cary-Grove 6A State Title Game. Thats it!!!! And I'll Eat Crow TOO

Favorites: East St. Louis & Cary-Grove

Darkhorses: St. Ignatius, Harlem, Kenwood