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Catch A Rising QB Star - Meet The Big Names Of Illinois For This QB Class Of 2025

So here are big names of Illinois for this QB Class of 2025. I consider these Land of Lincoln Gunslingers the best of the best for this class. Some you may know but some you may not know. Again, these are from my scouting notes and my scouting scores from the spring season and showcase season (& talking with college coaches) so far. Also please understand these kids are still young and developing their game. Especially at QB which I consider one of the toughest positions in football and highlighted for the better or worse. They still have two seasons left and things can change. Again, these names are not in order or ranked so please take it easy. What I look for in young QB is their ability to decipher coverages at a fast rate, accuracy, frame, body growth. One of my biggest pet peeves is the wild eyed QBs that just want to throw bombs and turnover the ball easily. College Coaches if you need more info (notes) please email me or DM me. Email -

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Catch A Rising QB Star - Meet The Big Names Of Illinois For This QB Class Of 2025

Daniel Van Camp QB Lake Forest 6'4 225 TWITTER HUDL

Danny has nice size and not to mention D1 potential from this underrated star QB up north. Really like his arm and not to mention the kid can throw on the run. If need be can stand in the pocket to make a play and keep the play going if need be. Accuracy will be big thing to look at this season for him from the film. The fact that we have not seen much of him will make him more intriguing to scouts. His patience is what will set him apart this class. Will be huge summer/fall riser for college coaches to look at this season.

Ethan Plumb QB St. Charles North 6'3 215 TWITTER HUDL

Ethan has been the best QB in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2025. QB that has been in the top ten percentile of the recruiting class that you need to know about. Multitude of offers for this young man and chance to be one of the best QBs to ever come out of the Land of Lincoln. His ability to capitalize on broken coverages, and overall touch on the ball is what sets him apart. DuKane Conference schedule will be huge test for Mr. Plumb and already have scouts circling dates.

Marcus Thaxton QB/ATH Morgan Park 6'0 180 TWITTER HUDL

Marcus is the definition of a gifted QB, and his high on-field IQ is what set him apart from other 2025 QBs. I know some scouts have him also as an athlete, but he proved that he can be a special QB. The film shows his ability to stay cool under pressure. When that pocket collapsed, Marcus found his man for major yards. Mr. Thaxton has a great shot at being Top 3 QB in the state of Illinois. Last thing I'll say is that his frame is built for his playmaking abilities.

AJ Bravieri QB Johnsburg 6'3 190 TWITTER HUDL

Putting up big numbers last fall is what has attracted college coaches. AJ has an underrated quickness to his game and ability to find hot coverages. He has all the measurements to be an absolute college stud. One of the better touches on the ball for this class. Could be national riser as soon as we get into the Fall. Will be one of the most scouted recruits this year.

Jackson Alcorn Burlington Central 6'1 190 TWITTER HUDL

Have seen Jackson play 7on7 and game film. Mr. Alcorn has the ability to be a top 5 QB in the state of Illinois. One of the quicker releases in the state. Strong ability to throw on the run and immediate ability to find the window is what makes him special. Good on his reads as well. Lot more college coaches need to know about this kid.

Bruno Massei QB York 5'10 TWITTER HUDL

Bruno is a pure gamer and football player that just wants to win. He has his technique down and not to mention on-field IQ what makes him special. Actually, sort of a carbon copy of former Duke QB Matt Vezza who impressed scouts last year. This fall will be a huge step up for him. Overall potential growth from his freshmen year to his sophomore year is impressive.

Brandon Parades QB Plainfield East 6'0 170 TWITTER HUDL

Brandon has been on everyone's radar since his freshmen season and continues to make strides in his game. Special arm that can make small play into a big play. Has the mobility and can catch the safety biting down. Will be important to see his progress in accuracy and 3rd Down conversion rate on passing. Seen as Top 5 QB in the state of Illinois.

Jack Elliot QB/ATH Mount Carmel 6'0 195 TWITTER HUDL

Elliot first and foremost is a competitor and is up for any challenge to win. Love his athleticism, and overall range as QB. Could be used in many sides of the ball. He is that prototypical Caravan QB that has multi-faceted game. Made huge strides in his throws and ability to identify the blitzers. Smart on his reads and split-second reaction to the open gap make him one of the better runners in Illinois.

Logan Malachuk QB Nazareth 5'11 180 TWITTER HUDL

One of my favorite QBs from this class. Kid has tremendous knack for making big plays on the run. Quick off of his throws and not to mention the fact his vision is one of the best in this class. He has grown from his freshmen season to his sophomore season. Has the shot of being a Top 3 QBs in the state. Logan is that can't miss QB in this class and needs to be looked at more.

Jacob Bell QB Naperville North 6'3 190 TWITTER HUDL

Top QB in the state that has made a name for himself these past two years. Already top QB in the Midwest and ready to hit the national spotlight. Takes over the varsity reigns from former star Huskie QB Gray this season. This upcoming season will be a big proving ground season for him. Overall, one of the most technically sound QBs for this year. His patience and overall understanding of the game is what him the top at the spot.

Colton Gumino QB Hersey 6'2 177 TWITTER HUDL

Colton has been unbelievable in the pocket his sophomore season and the best is yet to come for Mr. Gumino. Mr. Cool under the center and takes his time for the play to develop. Technique is all there especially with foot placement and getting off the throw. The question will be on his development on the running throws. More attention will be given to him this fall during the scouting period. College Coaches were impressed with his overall growth the past year.

Connor Gregory QB Oswego East 6'3 190 TWITTER HUDL

Connor is physically one the most gifted QBs in this class. His overall frame and arm are what make him the cream of the crop in this class. Huge student of the game, and awareness are his two biggest tools. The biggest proving factor will be game film and development in the Fall.

Bradyn Little QB Quincy 6'0 195 TWITTER HUDL

One of the more technically skilled QBs in the state of Illinois. That has been killing the game since October. Gets good air under the ball and has been slicing and dicing coverages. Will be a huge summer riser when scouts get to see more of him. His overall on-field IQ is what sets him apart this class.

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