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5 Biggest College Football Recruiting MYTHS

Again, I have to do this again, and it's time to beat a dead horse again for the 100th time.


Need to transfer to a bigger school or a school with a winning record to be looked at

This one just kills me, and I love seeing parents get shocked that kids are getting offers from schools with 200-300 kids. I can't believe they still believe this myth and with recent offers in Illinois we have seen kids from 1A, 2A, 3A schools get big offers from SEC, Big 10, Pac-12, ACC, ETC. This myth is a long-standing myth that has been used since the 90s. Ah yes, the infamous you "can't get offers if your team sucks" is one of my favorite things that pisses of parents and other recruits. If you are D1, you will be D1 and that is a guarantee. But I know a lot of private & public high school "BOOSTERS" that like to recruit losing teams star players and its quite funny to me. Again, I have seen more horror stories than good stories due to transferring its sad that people believe this still. Have seen star players on under .500 teams transfer to a powerhouse and end up not even playing college football.

You don't need grades to get into a D1 school

This myth is killing me right now, because I can think of all the players in my mind that ended up in JUCO with numerous D1 offers. This myth from 1970's is weakening but it's still there. Luckily the kids are getting smarter, and know they need the grades (kids in the past not so much, including me). The academic world and media world is holding football under a microscope and any screw ups they get to point the finger on the football world. College Coaches can't get you in, especially in the Midwestern institutions and schools. No magical booster is going to buy the science department a brand-new wing to get a star QB in that school. You need the grades. Like I say to recruits don't think NFL, ALWAYS THINK DEGREE. NFL is a pipedream and not at all realistic.

Stars & Rankings Get You Recruited

Talk about pissing me off.... Most kids get stars after they get offers. Some of that lovely 5th star is paid for by high profile college boosters to recruiting writing publications for PR. Whoops I said to much!!!! College coaches do college recruiting writers work, and that is the reason why college coaches deserve some of that paywall money those writers get. Rankings are an absolute joke (Deep Dish Football did rankings and it was for fun and more of a joke), all the rankings are for clout and retweets. Some of the writers have family, friends that have a kid and they will rank that kid at top (Go ahead take a look). Stars and Rankings are crap in the eyes of College Coaches, and they mean nothing to them. You mean to tell me a piss stain writer who never played the game knows more than a college coach.... COME ON PEOPLE

All Offers Are the Same

No, they are not, and some are committable, and some are non-committable. Some D1 offers come with full scholarship, and some offer a 1/2 or even a 1/3 or 1/4. Some D1 schools can't even offer any athletic scholarship money (which for some reason some coaches don't tell recruits upfront). So, when you see an offer on social media that is not the full story. Some of the non-committable offers are paid for by the parents to a college coach (through a middle man) to get some money in that account. OOOPPPSSS... Again, I said too much. Sorry I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew. Remember recruits when you tweet offers that you are providing FREE PR for a college team.

You Need a Trainer/7on7 to Be D1

Forgive me for creating such a shitstorm with this one. But this belief that you need a trainer or 7on7 team to be D1 is a myth. I love a lot of these 7on7 teams and Trainers, but this is the biggest myth of all and needs to stop. Most of these Trainers & 7on7 staff do a wonderful job, but there is a reason we call it High School Football. Trainers and 7on7 do help but HS coaching staff matters the most. That trainer isn't going to be there for a game or when you are practicing on your game film (Yes, I know trainers coach HS Football). Seen players that work out with old weights by themselves and get offers over a kid that pays 3-4 different trainers and on a special diet given to him by a nutritionist paid by the parents. Again, please send your complaints to Clint Cosgrove, and I will try and respond to you sooner than later (JOKE).


You need to pay recruiting services to be recruited -

Do not pay for recruiting services it's a scam. WATCH VIDEO BELOW

You need to attend a showcase to be recruited-

Yeah, NO!!!! Company ran showcases are fun but don't get you recruited. Game film and College Camps DO.

By the way Deep Dish Football will be doing showcase soon......


Articles about recruits is what gets them recruited

Nope, that recruit's high school coach does. Sorry but it's true and that is the only person the college coach trusts.

Character doesn't matter in recruiting

Yes, it does, and we live in a social media age. These kids are put on standards never seen before in our lifetimes. Anything can offend anyone.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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