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2023 College Summer Camp Guide To Illinois Football Recruiting Risers, Sleepers, And Future Stars

Weather is warming up folks, and we got new batch of recruits ready to prove themselves to college programs this summer camp season. We are now entering into the summer season of college camps ladies and gentlemen. This article will feature some summer recruiting risers, sleepers and future stars that you need to know. Will be sort of a summer preview for all you onlookers and coaches this upcoming camp season some recruits that you need to know. Again, this is for Classes of 2024, 2025, 2026 and brand new 2027 in the state of Illinois. These notes are a sample from my scouting notes and my evaluation scores from the spring season so far and spring showcase season (& talking with college coaches) so far. Again, I could name recruits with a bunch of offers but I like to preview some undiscovered talent that you need to know. College Coaches if you need more info (notes) please email me or DM me. Email -


Coach Big Pete's 2023

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Risers

Danny Zarco Lyons Township OL Class Of 2024 6'4 260 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Zarco has been late riser this spring. Impressed at The Stage and continues to get better with his overall footwork. Holds a couple offers, and more will come soon when get to mid-summer. Has a chest that can stand up long defenders strikes. Looking forward to his progress this senior season.

Camren Williams Homewood-Flossmoor WR Class Of 2025 6'2 200 HUDL TWITTER

Camren has been catching fire as an Illinois WR recruit for the class of 2025. One of the very few WRs that college coaches were waiting on to get his first offer. Makes defenders miss, and not mention plays the game unselfishly. Makes strong shoulder catches that had made him noticeable.

Nico LoCoco Lemont Athlete Class Of 2025 5'10 175 HUDL TWITTER

Nico has been on fire these past months and one of the hottest recruiting names talked about by programs. He will be late wait and see project coming in months. 2 sport player that shows in his game. Undersized but a pure ass kicker, and again just high character kid.

Nacari McFarland Kenwood Academy QB Class Of 2024 6'5 190 HUDL TWITTER

Nacari has been huge this spring and one of the more talked about QBs in the state of Illinois. His frame, and arm are what make college coaches fall in love with Mr. McFarland. I have been impressed with this since his freshmen season at IC. He showed out at every showcase event that he has been at. Scary thing is we have still yet to see his peak. Could grab more offers after a strong fall showing.

Jack DeFilippis Maine South QB Class Of 2024 HUDL TWITTER

One of the more impressive slingers in the state of Illinois that people need to know about this upcoming summer camp season. Great balance in this throws and ability to make a play on the run what make him special. Love the fact that this young man is a student of the game.

Coy Taylor St. Joseph Ogden WR/ATH Class Of 2025 5'11 160 HUDL TWITTER

Coy has been one of the most talked about WRs in the state of Illinois. Overall speed and agility make this kid a beast and killer of secondaries that you must know for the upcoming season. Small school stud that will soon be rising the ranks.

Gavin Tinch DT Prairie Ridge Class Of 2025 6'4 285 HUDL TWITTER

Gavin has been the superior DT in the state of Illinois. Overall mobility is what set this young man apart. Fast off the snap and has ability to shed off blockers to make the play. Pocket penetration is off the charts.

Paul Hartman ATH Springfield Class Of 2024 6'5 210 HUDL TWITTER

Paul has been the talk of Illinois after a strong showing this spring season. Great frame and overall athleticism are what makes him special. Can play a lot of different spots, and a nice center-low gravity. Grabbed one D1 offer already and will get more offers as time continues.

Keyandre White DB St. Rita Class Of 2025 6'0 170 HUDL TWITTER

Keyandre exploded last fall and has been top ranked DB for the class of 2025. Hip tracing are off the charts and impressive name you must know. Really impressive outing last fall against Brother Rice what set him apart.

JJ Allonge OL Crystal Lake South Class Of 2025 6'4 250 HUDL TWITTER

Another big man from the lang of giants that could be a huge riser this summer, not to mention his great acceleration off the snap. Mr. Allonge has been one of the more talked about players in the state of Illinois that you need to know about right now. Still raw in how he gets off his stance, but once that is fixed, he could be a national spotlight recruit.

Jake Sulzberger OL Lemont Class Of 2025 6'5 260 HUDL TWITTER

Lemont is becoming a Linemen Factory. Jake is the next big thing to come out of the Lemont territory. Jake overall mobility is something to behold. He is hasn't grown fully into his body, and that is scary.

Tyler Fortis DT Maine South Class Of 2025 6'3 265 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Fortis has been an absolute killer of men and wrecker of worlds on the defensive line. Tremendous hand fighting ability and not to mention to close off gaps. Mr. Fortis has been the real deal aka the real Mccoy this whole offseason.

Jacob Bell QB Naperville North Class Of 2025 6'3 193 HUDL TWITTER

Jacob has balled out all this offseason (like has done the past 2 seasons). And is a huge wait see till his junior season starting on Naperville North Varsity is name you must know about as he takes the helm of the Huskies. Every offseason he keeps getting better and better.

Luke Nelson ATH Stevenson Class Of 2025 6'2 180 HUDL TWITTER

Luke has been a complete surprise this whole off-season to a lot of people. This kid can ball and be a productive defender in the regular season. Luke will be the next big Stevenson recruit that you must know. Overall frame, and ability to fight off blockers is what makes him unique. One of the more talked about recruits in the state of Illinois starting in April.

Kaiser Williams ATH Naperville North Class Of 2025 6'4 180 HUDL TWITTER

What a hybrid athlete with length that we haven't see for a long time. Kaiser can do anything he wants to on the field. Name you got to know about that could be and do anything you need from him. His size and speed are what make him so special.

Tyler Nichols ATH Morton Class Of 2024 6'4 195 HUDL TWITTER

Tyler is the real deal and needs more talking about. He has been a one-man wrecking crew. Frame and killing it on the field this season that you must know. West Suburban Conference secret that most people should know about. Is starting to get looks these past two months.

Filip Rolek DL Palatine Class Of 2024 6'3 230 HUDL TWITTER

Instinctive run defender on the fly. He has overall size that you need to know and just creates mismatches on both levels. Faster than most DL off the 3-point stance. When set on the edge can fly with great burst.

Devan Van Ness ER Barrington Class Of 2024 6'2 205 HUDL TWITTER

Grew leaps and bound this season in his game. Overall speed has increased not to mention his ability to fight of blockers and make the play. His agility has grown leaps and bounds and will be fall riser to know about.

Ethan Aghakhan ER/DL Stevenson Class Of 2024 6'2 240 HUDL TWITTER

Ethan has been shining beacon this off season. Has the bloodline and ability to fight of blockers and make tackles. Overall athletic ability is there. Bounces off blockers, and closing pursuit is quite impressive.

Carson Jacoby TE/ATH Minooka Class Of 2024 6'4 230 HUDL TWITTER

Late riser that I was made aware of by assistant Coach Kunz last month. Carson impressed at the Stage; overall athleticism ability will attract college coaches. Seen as diamond in rough for a lot of college coaches. Could hit the national scene by this summer.

Jordan Buckley DT/DE Batavia Class Of 2024 6'5 240 HUDL TWITTER

Jordan has been overall impressive with his size and agility that you need to know about this upcoming 2 seasons. Will be a huge QB nightmare for the coming fall. Talk about him has picked up at the end of the winter. He is one of the fastest players off the snap that I have ever seen.

Lance Ingold DE/ATH Rochester Class Of 2024 6'6 220 HUDL TWITTER

One of Central Illinois best kept secrets that you need to know about. Raw, very raw but the potential is there to be a national recruit. Already carrying a D1 offer and more to come for this Rocket superstar. He blocked a pass in his film, that opened my eyes wide open.

Drew MacPherson RB/ATH Loyola Academy Class Of 2025 6'1 190 HUDL TWITTER

Kid blew up after the ESPN televised game last fall with a play. College Coaches impressed with his overall athleticism and ability to hit the hole. Huge name to be known for the upcoming season and just got his first offer.

Lucas Austin OL Sterling Class Of 2024 6'6 235 HUDL TWITTER

Lucas was more impressive on the line along with his long reaching ability that you need to know. Getting offers more to come for Lucas after showed flashes of talent and will continue to get better.

Colt Packer ATH Sesser-Valier Class Of 2024 6'1 200 HUDL TWITTER

Colt has been one of Black Diamonds best kept secrets that people need to know about as soon as possible. His potential to make plays on the ball is what attracts college coaches. Great sideline to sideline speed with impressive pursuit.

Donavan Howard Naperville North 6'2 240 DT Class Of 2025 TWITTER HUDL

Donavan took me back when I interviewed this spring and was even more impressed with him at the Stage. He is rising DT recruit with his overall athletic ability. Acceleration off the snap is very exciting, technique growth will be a thing to watch.

Coach Big Pete's 2023

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Class Of 2024 Sleepers

Arthur Pailicki QB Willowbrook 6'4 215 HUDL TWITTER

One of the top QB recruits in Illinois not if also the Midwest. A fighter, leader, true old school QB if I ever saw one. This kid deserves more respect than he is getting. Most impressive QB that I have seen in years around the DuPage County Area.

J'Vonta Mosby DL Althoff Catholic 6'1 245 HUDL TWITTER

J'vonta has been a constant threat down south. Absolute wrecker of men that scare offensive line coaches. He is the real deal and makes others around him better. Leader on and off the field that is a must know. Again, I'll say it again a high character player as well.

Trenton Zeeb QB Mater Dei 6'2 190 HUDL TWITTER

One of the smartest QBs on the field. Love this kid's reads and ability to find the open man. Creates mismatches during the RPOs which is impressive. Throwing mechanics have improved these past few years.

Colin Hayes QB Bloomington Central Catholic 6'6 205 HUDL TWITTER

Colin is multi-sport athlete with one of the largest frames that I have ever seen for a QB in the state of Illinois. Lovely touch on the ball and ability to make plays is what makes this phenom.

Deon Davis RB Downers Grove South 5'8 170 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Break your ankles, that's what you need to know about Mr. Davis. He is a stone-cold killer of defenses and doesn't care how he does it. More impressed with his character than ever.

Carter Button QB Morris 6'2 180 HUDL TWITTER

Carter had an impressive junior season, and to mention the fact that the kid has been killing conference play. Carter is a true definition of a sleeper that you must know about.


Aric Johnson WR 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

Aric has been the ultimate playmaker for the Knights. Still not getting the respect that he deserves and needs. Beats soft coverages so easily.

Troyer Carlson QB 6'2 180 HUDL TWITTER

Top 5 QB in the state of Illinois. That has all the accolades and athleticism that people keep seeming forgetting about. One of the more accurate QBs on the run.

Brett Larsen OL 6'3 260 HUDL TWITTER

Big man that is an absolute mauler of men. Trench fighter that is the real deal and a must know.

Jack Anderson OL Glenbard South 6'3 245 HUDL TWITTER

Jack Anderson has been a young linemen talked about in the DuPage Area for a long time. Has a lot to prove his senior season and coaches are waiting on him when he hits his regular season play.

Javius Catlin RB Rockford East 5'8 150 HUDL TWITTER

This kid talent and overall speed are scary. I never seen a kid take over the game like Javius has. Makes defenders miss and needs to be talked about as an elite recruit. Track star that just scouts keep forgetting to look at.

Luis Estrella LB West Aurora 6'0 210 HUDL TWITTER

Luis is an absolute beast at LB and make plays on coverages and blitzes. A true sleeper to behold of this upcoming season that you must know. Tough nosed kid that makes a play and brings his lunchpail to every game.

Liam Wiley LB Warren Township 6'2 170 HUDL TWITTER

Liam is the next big blue devil defender that you need to know about. Mr. Wiley will be having a huge breakout season this fall with more game film for coaches.

Jake Curry QB Edwardsville 6'0 185 HUDL TWITTER

Southern Illinois star is ready to rock and roll this upcoming season. Seen as undersized but the kid gets the job done. I see a star QB that scores out in the Top 10 percentile of QBs in this class. Still very underlooked in the state of Illinois.

Mar'sean Cohen LB Simeon 6'3 225 HUDL TWITTER

Mar'sean is an athletic specimen for finding the ball. Could be a huge defender on the college level. Still on the raw side for coaches, but he is one big season away from getting some big offers.

Christian Kuta LB Naperville Central 6'4 225 HUDL TWITTER

Christian is massive hybrid monster with such impressive frame and speed. Great reach to fight off defenders, and not mention he has shown growth at his spot.

Noah Battle RB Downers Grove North 5'11 180 HUDL TWITTER

Noah has been the most overlooked recruits in the state of Illinois. Takes a hit and keeps on ticking. Tremendous power when he hits the hole.

Walker Owens ATH Wheaton North 6'2 205 HUDL TWITTER

Walker impressed me at The Stage and moved to the Top 20 percentile for recruits. His overall on-field performance deserves more respect than he is getting. Very rare player that can play both sides of the ball.

Coach Big Pete's 2023

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Future Stars

Mack Sutter QB/ATH Dunlap Class Of 2026 6'6 220 TWITTER HUDL

Mack was talked about last fall as a tall legend, but the kid is the real deal. Could be top National recruit when it's all said and done by his senior season.

Jayden Marshall DB Crete-Monee Class Of 2026 5'11 145 TWITTER HUDL

Jayden has been one of the more impressive freshmen defensive backs that you need to know about. Jayden has the awareness as a senior recruit which is scary. Overall freshmen season at varsity is what made him stand out.

AJ Jones ATH Bolingbrook Class Of 2026 6'2 180 TWITTER HUDL

AJ has been one of the more talked about recruits from the state of Illinois for 2026 when he was at Washington. Transferred to Bolingbrook and ready to take the Chicagoland area by storm.

Nate Lang QB Montini Class Of 2027 TWITTER

Next big name QB in DuPage County that you need to know about. Nate has great mobility along with accuracy that is quite impressive. Watchlist name when he reaches his full growth.

Jameson Purcell QB Maine South Class Of 2027 TWITTER HUDL

Jameson could be the next big Land of Lincoln stud QB. Must know name that everyone needs to know about this coming fall. Will be interesting to see what he can do his sophomore year with his growth. Overall talent is what makes top recruit in the Class of 2027.

Tanner Glock DB/ATH St. Francis 6'0 180 Class Of 2026 TWITTER HUDL

Overall athletic marvel that can shock the people. Made his rounds during the spring media circuit and impressed. Will be a huge name to watch this summer, and again on-field IQ is advanced for freshmen on film. Overall field vision is a lot better than most seniors.

Zachary Washington WR/ATH St. Francis Class Of 2026 TWITTER HUDL

Zachary has been the ultimate playmaker for the Spartans. Will continue to make strides on the recruiting trail that people need to know about. Overall athleticism is what makes him such a special player. You got a love a WR that can block, and Zach can do it all.

Trae Taylor QB Carmel Class Of 2027 TWITTER GAMEFILM

Trae has been one of the most spotlighted QBs for this upcoming Class of 2027. Name you must know for the upcoming seasons, and not to mention his growth will be watched when goes against high school coverages.

Devin Hamilton WR Marist Class Of 2026 TWITTER HUDL

Devin is such an intriguing recruit. His size and flexibility are what makes Devin so special to college scouts. His catching ability is that of a senior player. Extraordinary ability adjusts his body any moment to make a big catch is impressive.

Quentin Burrell WR Mount Carmel Class Of 2027 TWITTER

One of the more talked about offensive skilled recruits for the Class Of 2027. Overall athleticism is almost stunning at that age and must know prospect in the Illinois for these next 4 years.

My Top 5 Schools In Illinois You Have To Watch For This Summer For Recruiting Risers




4.New Trier


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