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2022 Southland Athletic Conference Preview With Coach Big Pete : Kays, Warriors, Raptors Oh My!!!

Welcome back IHSA Football!!! As is every June conference previews and again please remember predictions and previews mean crap. High school football is the greatest thing because of pure parity. What is up last year could be down this year and what is down last year can up this year. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN IHSA FOOTBALL. Last year 2021 was pure anarchy and no one knew what was going on. Also, unlike some prep writers who take credit and copy and paste the coach's work off a crap team questionnaire I do my own work. Thank You, to the high school coaches that put the info up on HUDL and emailed me info as well.


Kankakee wants that state title, no matter the cost. They have talented added and coming back to compete for an IHSA title. Could be one of the best teams in the state of Illinois. Crete Monee is back with the dynamic Joshua Franklin, and great speed on the line that you need to know about. Warrior defense might be a bigtime problem for the Kays. My biggest surprise team is the Raptors of Rich Township and I consider them top dogs of the conference. Thornwood is going to have tough season this fall with a highly unfavorable schedule and graduated talented seniors. Bloom could start the season 2-0 but need to face tough Marian Catholic in Week 3. Thornridge and Thornton have tough schedules and honestly don't have a really good idea what team they have till Week 3 (like other seasons). Thornridge main question will be their defense and how they do against tough offenses

BEST BET: Kanakee wins the Conference Title

TOP BET: Three teams in the Southland make IHSA Playoffs

TELL ME WHY: Joshua Franklin is the scariest football in the state of Illinois when you give him open space

BEST BET 2: Thornridge will have a major youth movement this season

Southland Conference 2022 Top Dogs

Kankakee, Crete-Monee, Rich Township

Southland Conference 2022 Surprise Team

Rich Township


1. Kankakee is that good and have shot to be a historic team

2. Crete-Monee vs Kankakee could be a championship conference game

3. Really disappointed to see a lot of question marks in this conference after the Kays, Warriors, and Raptors

4. Rich Township is being extremely overlooked for this season

5. Bloom Michael Garner is the real deal and name you need to know for this conference

Players To Watch From The Southland Athletic Conference 2022

Demere Turner Kankakee

Davion Adams Thornton

Jalin Wardell Bloom

Josiha Mason Kankakee

Derion Wright Thornwood

Adeola Adeola Rich Township

Jyaire Hill Kankakee

Angel Andrade Kankakee

Jeremiah Wright Rich Township

Jayden Villagomez Kankakee

Myrion Hogue Rich Township

Tony Phillips Kankakee

Justin Lawton Crete-Monee

Lynel Billups-Williams Crete-Monee

Steven Young Kankakee

Michael Garner Bloom

Joshua Franklin Crete-Monee

Karson King Kankakee

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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