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2022 College Summer Camp Guide To Illinois Football Recruiting Risers, Sleepers, And Future Stars

We are getting into the longer days, and we got new batch of recruits ready to prove themselves to college programs. We are now entering into the summer season of college camps ladies and gentlemen. This article will feature some summer recruiting risers, sleepers and future stars that you need to know. Will be sort of a preview for all you onlookers and coaches this upcoming camp season some recruits that you need to know. Again, this is for Classes of 2023, 2024, 2025 and brand new 2026 in the state of Illinois. These notes are a sample from my scouting notes and my evaluation scores from the spring season so far and spring showcase season (& talking with college coaches) so far. College Coaches if you need more info (notes) please email me or DM me. Email -



Coach Big Pete's 2022

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Risers

Naz Hill DB/Athlete Kankakee Class of 2023 6'4 170 HUDL TWITTER

Naz has been on fire as of lately for an Illinois recruit out of the 2023 Class. Oregon offer made him hit the national spotlight and what's scary is he has only just begun. He has all the tools to be a top 100 recruit in the nation. 6'4 frame isn't supposed to move like that but Naz does which is intriguing.

Ethan Kohl QB Bradley Bourbonnais Class of 2024 6'3 175 HUDL TWITTER

In an interview I was asked to name one QB that could shoot up the charts this summer and Ethan Kohl is my answer. Athleticism and just pure competitor spirit is what makes him special. Love his ability to make a play out of nothing.

Ivan Erickson DE Marmion Academy Class of 2023 6'6 240 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Erickson just got his first big offer from Northern Iowa and will continue to get D1 looks to lookout for. Again, the huge thing will be for Ivan on how he does on 1on1s during the summer and how much performance separation he get from other recruits. Of course, watch out if he gains some muscle growth.

Michael McLaughlin OL Peoria Notre Dame Class of 2024 6'4 265 HUDL TWITTER

People need to check this kid out, and his natural ability for that frame is just impressive. Great frame and not to mention his extension on defensive linemen. Mr. McLaughlin is the real deal name you must watch out for in the Peoria area.

Charlie Cruse WR/ATH Downers Grove North Class of 2025 6'0 170 HUDL TWITTER

What has not been said about Mr. Cruse - the kid has been extraordinary all winter and spring offseason. The kid only keeps getting better and name you must know when we get into the summer camp season. Most coaches will look at his natural form ability at WR and ability to adjust his body for the catch.

Jacob Katauskas OL Lemont Class of 2023 6'4 265 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Katauskas is killing it right now and his stock is rising especially for the OL out of the Class of 2023. He has the footwork and to mention tenacity at the line to be a top recruit. Big thing will be his growth as we get into the fall when scouts get chance to get out to see some Lemont games.

Aiden Cyr QB Hoffman Estates Class of 2023 6'5 195 HUDL TWITTER

Huge wait and see when we get into the camp season. Alot of college coaches can't wait to see this kid fling it. He has chance to prove he is a Top 3 QB in the state of Illinois. He has all the intangibles at the position that most Illinois QBs don't have. He was lighting up the scoreboards for Hoffman Estates team last fall.

Charlie Mullen TE Ottawa Marquette Class of 2024 6'4 180 HUDL TWITTER

Charlie has a chance to be one of the Top 10 tight ends in the Midwest region for the Class of 2024. Charlie needs make a name for himself this camp and needs to impress scouts with his blocking ability. Name you need to watch when that Illinois tight end pipeline heats up in later June. Again, this small school stud has proven he belongs with the big dogs.

Kenyata Forbes Jr DT Kenwood Class of 2023 6'2 280 HUDL TWITTER

Mini tank, that gets aggressive and counters the offensive line reach. Is a nightmare on the defensive line, and you need to know this master of havoc and creator of chaos in the trenches. Kenyata stock is just starting to get hot right now.

Andy Burburija OL Crystal Lake South Class of 2024 6'4 265 HUDL TWITTER

Andy has proven again why Crystal Lake is the land of giants and why you should know him. His stock will only rise this summer camp season as soon people get load of his ability. Also, another late fall scouting project for college coaches.

Arthur Palicki QB Willowbrook Class of 2024 6'4 205 HUDL TWITTER

Arthur is big name recruit that is ready to explode on the pipeline in this early this summer. Mr. Palicki wants to better himself and when he makes a mistake, he learns from it. Name you need to check out when he hits the camp scene and has drawn comparisons to Ben Bryant the former Lyons Township star QB.

Kevin Ward Athlete St. Patrick Class of 2023 6'4 240 HUDL TWITTER

Pure football player first of all and let's not forget his knack for laying a hit on film. Main thing is how can this guy breakout on the camp season against the 1on1s. Mr. Ward has to show off that agility and growth.

Danny Zarco OL Lyons Township Class of 2024 6'4 240 HUDL TWITTER

Danny is a beast on the line that will knock you on the ass. Mr. Zarco has been nothing but a stud on the showcase circuit and high character recruit. Has constantly improved every time that I have seen him. Alot of college coaches have a wait and see attitude with Zarco and they better not wait any longer because he could start getting some offers.

Chris Farrell OL Lisle Class of 2023 6'5 280 HUDL TWITTER

2 D1 offers (Kent State & Fordham) so far, and Mr. Farrell keeps on climbing of the college coach's charts. He has chance to reach national spotlight pretty soon by July.

Logan Farrell TE Palatine Class of 2025 6'3 236 HUDL TWITTER

Another showcase circuit recruit that has been warming up on the charts. Is name you need to know for this upcoming season and going into Winter 2023. Has the size and knows how to use his leverage. His development on his blocking will be important for College Coaches.

Ethan Middleton Athlete St. Rita Class of 2024 5'11 185 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Middleton has been on fire this whole offseason on the recruiting scene. Mr. Middleton has gathered Power 5 offers and it's just weird he is just beginning to make the national spotlight. Middleton can do anything and everything on the field and could be the next big time recruit out of the CCL/ESCC.

Kanye Tyler Athlete Pekin Class of 2023 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

Mr. Tyler is boring me because I been talking to him so much. He is one of the best kept secrets in the state of Illinois. Please keep an eye out for this kid in the summer. HE IS READY EXPLODE and all he needs is just a spark.

Coach Big Pete's 2022

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Sleepers

Maverick Ohle DE/ER Naperville Central Class of 2024 6'2 230 HUDL TWITTER

Ohle is nothing but a pure specimen of athleticism. Not to mention his devotion to working out in the gym, and I mean a pure gym rat. That is what makes him so special, and a name you must know.

Joshua Holst QB Marengo Class of 2023 6'4 180 HUDL TWITTER

I'm sick and tired of talking about this kid as a sleeper. He deserves respect, and its mind boggling that he has only one offer. Still a little raw on his technique but growth in his game will help.

Barah Abad QB Taft Class of 2023 6'2 195 HUDL TWITTER

Barah has been constant playmaker at QB for Taft. Like the fact that he uses his legs to put more time on a play and has great patience under pressure. Needs to get more looks from college coaches.

Jemir Hall Centennial Athlete Centennial Class of 2023 6'4 251 HUDL TWITTER

Kid is a massive mountain of the man, that does damage on both sides of the ball. Jemir could be one of the biggest sleepers in the state of Illinois. Frame, and natural strength is what make Jemir special.

Bradley Abbott OL Lincoln Way East Class of 2023 6'4 260 HUDL TWITTER

Raw, but has shown flashes and gathered his first offer. Mr. Abbott could be the talk of the talk this upcoming season. College Coaches want to see this kid go on the football field during June to July. His footwork is what make this kid really strong to college coaches.

Luke Johnson TE Geneseo Class of 2024 6'4 260 HUDL TWITTER

Seems like a lot of people forget about Geneseo, and we need to know about more about Luke. Highly athletic and a great ability to support in the run attack with his blocking and not to mention he has great hops to get that ball. Main thing will be to see how his catching is during camp season.

Casey Richter TE Libertyville Class of 2023 6'5 205 HUDL TWITTER

Impressed this May showcase circuit and looked great at the EFT/Boom Showcase. College Coaches love what he can do with his frame, but the main question is how he can use his hands. Can he be that 3rd down weapon for college teams in the long run.

Quentin Reeves DB Warren Township Class of 2023 5'10 160 HUDL TWITTER

Quentin is part of the most underrated group of recruits coming out of Warren Township. Looks great in his coverages and ability to read the QB is spectacular. He is hip tracing is off the charts for a DB at that age.

Jaykwon Armour Simeon DB Class of 2023 6'2 150 HUDL TWITTER

Kid is looking polished on the secondary and has been one of the least talked DBs in Chicago area. Jaykwon is one of the kid's college coaches want to know more about this upcoming camp season.

Eddie Vrdolyak Athlete St. Rita Class of 2023 6'2 230 HUDL TWITTER

Has been on a fire streak and the highest among talks around with college coaches. Eddie has proven his knack and passion for the game. College Coaches have him on his must-watch list for this summer. Again, this is a coach's player that you must know about.

Dalton Brown LB Edwardsville Class of 2024 5'11 205 HUDL TWITTER

Love this undersized linebacker, and his athleticism is undervalued and name you need to know. Let's not forget that he likes to fight off blockers and gets to the ball carrier. Can be featured in any defense, that's what makes him so special.

Nathaniel Stevens OL Wheaton North Class of 2023 6'4 315 HUDL TWITTER

Nathaniel has the power and tools to impress coaches, but the most important thing will be how has his agility grown over a year. He needs to show off his quickness during the snap this summer- no question about it. He has the frame that coaches love but the speed off the snap will be the question.

Gabe Rosen OL Evanston Class of 2023 6'7 335 HUDL TWITTER

Same as above, he has all the natural tools, but speed will be huge this college camp season when hit it. Gabe has proven his work on the showcase circuit, but college camp scene is what matters the most.

Troyer Carlson QB Kaneland Class of 2024 6'2 180 HUDL TWITTER

Carlson is one of the trio of Knights that people need to know for the upcoming summer. Strong ability to throw off the run and make a scoring drive under pressure. Troyer has proven why he is a big dog in Illinois for the QBs.

Zayn Zaidi DE Plainfield Central Class of 2023 6'3 220 HUDL TWITTER

Zaidi looking like Zaidi and got to say will be impressing college staffs for this whole summer. Zayn is a kid that you need to know right now. Could be a Top 100 Illinois recruit when all is said and done by end of his senior season. One of the very few pass rushers that perfect grasp on technique.

Aric Johnson WR Kaneland Class of 2024 6'0 180 HUDL TWITTER

Number 2 Knight that is highly underrated and just a complete athletic specimen that you need to know about. Mr. Johnson is the real deal for this upcoming summer and ready to explode. Goes full speed and doesn't second guess his athletic ability is what makes him special.

Madixx Morris WR Sacred Heart Griffin Class of 2023 6'0 185 HUDL TWITTER

Madixx proved himself in November in the IHSA State title game and has been shooting up the charts as top WR in the Land of Lincoln. His ability to make the big catches and fight for extra yards. Love the fact that this kid can catch the ball in traffic which is a dying breed.

Jackson Nekolny OL Batavia Class of 2024 6'2 215 HUDL TWITTER

Bulldozer that can kick your butt in the trap and let's not forget he is still developing his skills for the upcoming season. Love to see him gain some weight and grow two more inches hopefully. Another lineman who have on my watchlist for College Coaches.

Evan Noelle Marion QB Class of 2023 6'4 190 HUDL TWITTER

Top QB in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2023, and name that everyone needs to know but keeps forgetting. His ability to dissect defenses is just awesome and to make a play on the fly. Let's not forget about superb on-field IQ to identify the coverage.

Sam Owens WR MacArthur Class of 2024 6'1 180 HUDL

Could be one of the best WRs in the state of Illinois, and he is just growing in his overall potential. One of the best skill players that is still a sleeper in the state of Illinois. He is part of top-notch MacArthur 2024 recruiting class that you need to know about this summer.

Brett Larson OL Kaneland Class of 2024 6'3 245 HUDL TWITTER

Brett has been one of the most overshadowed OL for this upcoming season. Mr. Larson will be the big dog for the upcoming camp season. His technique is better than most upcoming 2024 OL and will be developed to something great. One of my top recruits in the state of Illinois that deserves more respect than he is getting.

Coach Big Pete's 2022

Top Summer Illinois Recruit Future Stars

Owen Lansu QB Downers Grove North Class of 2026 6'1 155 HUDL TWITTER

Owen Lansu has been the talk of Illinois for the Class of 2026 for the past 2 years. Mr. Lansu can be one of the best QBs in DuPage County History and that is not an exaggeration. Downers North is about to challenge for years to come.

Jaquarius Green OL Peoria Class of 2026 6'4 301 TWITTER

Jaquarius has been one of the top young OL linemen that has been talked about for the last year. Green will be a huge name to be watched and how he picks up blitzes for such a young lineman. Has a lot of comparisons to Miles McVay of East St. Louis from the Class of 2023.

Christopher Burgess Jr. DL Simeon Class of 2025 6'4 230 HUDL TWITTER

This kid's potential is off the charts. Mr. Burgess has the chance to be a national spotlighted recruit in the coming year. His aggressiveness and ability to fight off blockers is what makes him special.

Riley Contreras ATH Hinsdale Central Class of 2026 5'10 160 TWITTER

Multi-sport athlete that has been talk around the DuPage County area for this 2026 class along with Lansu. Hinsdale Central is getting a dangerous playmaker for 4 years.

Phillip Goodrich ATH Carmel Class of 2026 5'10 182 TWITTER

Phillips looked great at the Rise N Fire and looks good enough to make a name for himself in coming years. High Character kid that is part of the much important talent movement of Carmel.

Ryan Mascari TE Neuqua Valley Class of 2025 6'4 210 HUDL TWITTER

Most important thing is the breakdown on his blocks and how he develops on route running this summer. Ryan has been on a late May heat streak among the college coaches' discussions.

Hunter Niklos Athlete Harvest Christian Academy Class of 2026 6'0 155 TWITTER

Niklos killed the EFT/Boom showcase and impressed many will be playing 8-man football along with soccer (WHICH I LOVE). Comes from an NFL pedigree that you need to know and has football in his blood.

Bruno Massel QB York Class of 2025 TWITTER HUDL

Love this kid's arm and touch on the ball, and his potential growth is what make Bruno special in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2025. Part of a huge York talent pool that is going to be hungry for a state title.

Logan Abrams Athlete Cary-Grove Class of 2026 6'3 200 TWITTER

Athletic 6'3 specimen that you need to know about for this upcoming season. Keep a close eye on Cary-Grove for coming years.

Matthew Plumb QB St. Charles North Class of 2026 6'2 175 TWITTER HUDL

We got ourselves dynamic historic group of tandem QBs in St. Charles North with Matthew and his older brother Ethan (By 1 Year). Matthew is the future of Illinois football along with his brother Ethan and already getting FBS looks. Matthew right now is at the potential level of a lot of senior QBs which is scary when you think about it.

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