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Illinois HS Football Nation Meet Jacob Lemming - New Face In Recruiting

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for lllinois writers and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do blogger profiles of writers/scouts who you might not know or you might know.

Jacob Lemming is the brother of Matt Lemming and played, coached college football. I am certain that Jacob's name will be on the tip of every recruits/parents tongue in coming years.

Jacob Lemming tell me what is Prep Redzone? Prep Redzone is a high school football recruiting site in a way similar to 247 or rivals. However, beyond just the guys with Division one offers, we look to dig and find guys that are, in a sense those "hidden gems" and get them exposure too. Right now, we're in Minnesota & Illinois; however, we'll be announcing the addition of a few more states in the coming weeks. What is your background in football? I grew up in Lemont and played my high school ball there. Out of high school, I went and played at St. Xavier, had a few stops elsewhere before finishing up my college career at Bowling Green. After college, I went and coached in Ohio at Anthony Wayne HS, before moving on to the collegiate level at Benedictine University. After a few months there, I got the opportunity to go GA at the division one level at New Mexico State. I learned so much in my one year there and ultimately got hired as the OC/WR's coach at Judson University. I eventually decided to leave Judson in late January and decided to join my uncle Tom Lemming's recruiting magazine. What did you like about coaching college football? First and foremost, the comradery for sure. I think when you're done playing, you always look for something similar to that in the job world. I was lucky to find that in coaching. Secondly, in coaching, you have such a great opportunity to influence young men's lives. Other than my parents, my coaches were my biggest influences growing up. Finally, I love the X&O aspect of football. If you read some of the articles we put out on Prep Redzone, we try to make it more in-depth and NFL scouting like, than other recruiting sites. How are you keeping busy with this pandemic? Lots and lots of film! We're expanding to other states for Prep Redzone, so just watching prospects from Illinois and some of the surrounding states. What was the most important principle you learned from your uncle Tom Lemming? That no matter how good of a coach you are, if you don't recruit well, you're not going to win. I remember him telling me, Pete Carroll once told him, "College Football is all centered around recruiting. If you recruit a bunch of really good football players, they'll make you look like a really good coach." and he's absolutely right. If you put the time and work into recruiting, your program will see the benefits. Do you have any funny Matt Lemming stories? Hahaha, not too many I can share here! He tormented me as a child, but now I'm bigger than him, so it's all evened itself out. What would you like the recruits and parents to know about you? That I take this job very seriously, we just helped a kid a little over a week ago get his first offer FBS offer. Nobody knew about him, so we reached out to some of our contacts, and fortunately, they liked him, and he'll now be going to school for free. It's stories like those that make this job so much fun. Kids may not believe this, but I watch every single film sent to me. It's hard to respond to everyone, but you better believe if you send that film, it will be watched. You never know when you're going to find the next diamond in the rough.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football



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