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Coaches Twitter Q&A With Batavia Sophomore Head Coach Adam Kolowski

How long have you been coaching for?

Started in Batavia 2007 after the 2006 State Runner-Up year. Help with the freshmen level with



Funniest coach you ever coached with?

@CoachCadena and his love for donuts during our Sunday morning meetings during the season. The man loves donuts, but then again so does everyone else on the planet. Just not to his level.

@CoachPiron bought an old fashion cast iron donut maker that we have plans to refurbish.

Whats it like coaching for @CoachPiron?

We work in lots of different aspects. We are/were co-teachers together in the math department at Batavia. He and Coach Gaspari(The Godfather) took a chance hiring me as coach back in 2007. I never played football or coached it up to that point. He trusts all the coaches... to do their job at their respective levels and do it well. He doesn’t micro manage, and results speak for themselves with the success we have had since 2011 at all levels (Fr A&B, Soph A&B, J/V, Varsity). Very unique thing we have in Batavia and the Culture @CoachPiron built.

Best advice you could give a rookie coach is?

Eyes and ears open, mouth shut. Earn your stripes with a consistent, positive work ethic.

What does being a Head Coach at the Sophomore level mean to you?

To get the players at the Soph level ready for varsity football. @Coach_Theriault exposes the players at the freshmen level to Bulldog Culture and he does an exceptional job, best in the area. Soph level gets players to buy in to the culture, with an off-season under their belt.. it’s amazing to see how strong/confident a program can get from one year to the next of lifting weights. Players see their results in the weight room soph year and then it correlates to on the field success as varsity players.

How important is Strength and Conditioning Program to Batavia's success?

It’s part of Bulldog Culture is Contagious. A quote @FB_Coach_C came up with and it’s now painted on the wall in the weight room. We have a wonderful weight room and it gets used...a lot. We’ll have 70 guys in there after school. Weight room doesn’t lie! we have a many coaches in building and out of the building the help in the weight room.

What do you like about coaching?

It’s demanding but worth it. “It’s not about the X&O’s. It’s about the Jimmys and the Joes.” Love that quote, love working with the student athletes and the coaching staff. It’s a two way street for success. You see all the players & coaches around you working to be successful... ..that gives me the fire and determination to not let the players or other coaches down. I will do my “1/11” and do what’s best for the program because I know and see all the members of the football program working to be the best they can be.

Who on the Batavia for Class of 2022 should I keep an eye out for?

We have great leadership in the 2022:










your guy




all working in the offseason, even with saw the current sophs class play this year at Lake Park. @drew_bartels @kneibch_11 @Fastafola @AmoSandersJr @jalen_buckley @EricNewberry25 @ethanivan0 this is a special group of sophomores(2022) and will blend real nice with class of 2021.Just to name a few, it was a fun 2019 sophomore season. The defense was outstanding only giving up 27 points all year, with multiple players up on varsity roster. @BHSCoachJensen @BATTLINDOGD @cford13 @coachacosta5 @BATAVIABASEBALL

How have you been keeping yourself busy during this stay-at-home order?

“School day” is the about the same. Get up at 7am and having different meetings up until 2pm. Watching lots of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hudl. Now, passing the time watching The Last Dance reruns! It’s very nostalgic. Be safe out there everyone, we’ll have football soon!

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football



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