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Coaches Twitter Q&A With Bolingbrook Assistant John Grayson

How long have you been coaching?

I’ve been coaching for 10 years. Here, there, everywhere.

Where have you coached?

I’ve coached in several spots. All totaled I’ve worked for coaches that have won 17 state championships. I’ve been to a few stops, but I think if you want to be the best, you should learn from the best. Bradford (Wi), Glenbard S, Montini, Lemont, Nazareth, Bolingbrook

Funniest coach you ever coached with?

Lots of funny looking coaches.@MrMcMillinBHS and I cause a lot of trouble for

@versionC. Coach Mac has my vote.

Why did you choose to coach football?

Coach Etter was my DC when I was at Carthage, he’s now the HC

@CUWFB . Him, Coach Corbett, and @CoachMichalak

were such big parts of my life @ Carthage. I wanted to help athletes like they helped me.

Whats the best advice you could give a rookie high school coach?

Listen! There are so many great coaches out there. Just when you think you know it all, you meet a coach, or sit at a clinic, and realize you don’t. I’d also say no job too small. Whatever you do, be the best at it. Even if it’s something small.

Whats it like coaching with a legend like @CoachJohnnyi ?

Coach Ivlow always puts his athletes first. From the uniforms, to the dinners, to everything behind the scenes that people don’t see.. everything is for our kids at BHS. Every day I feel like I learn something.

How does Bolingbrook look for 2020?

Lots of returning starters. Great group of kids. That’s what I’m excited about... Really high character kids we have in the program. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed on that 2020 season!!

Give me a player on the squad thats going to surprise some people in 2020?

Man... if I have to pick one? I’m going to say @Bobbyjanderson4. He’s been working, working, working. There’s SO many other guys I could name at the Brook, but Bobby is going to have a big year.

Favorite part of coaching to you is?

The relationships. You spend so much time with each other in the fall, you literally become family. There are guys from my first year coaching I still talk to. I love these guys and want to see everyone thriving and doing well.

Least favorite part of coaching to you is?

Least favorite? Injuries. Makes me sick to my stomach to see guys go down when they’ve worked to get where they’re at.

How have you been keeping busy with this Pandemic/Stay-Home?

BHS has been working hard with rLearning. Checking in with kids, making sure they’re doing great and staying healthy. Hanging out with my lovely fiancé a lot too. We have been playing Tiger Woods ‘07 on the Wii. We are both ultra competitive.

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