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IHSA Football Fans/ Former Coaches/ Former Players : Create Your Own Conference Coverage Media Outle

So I have a friend who is a former coach and cant coach due to his schedule of work. Wants to remain part of football, looking to cover a conference with a created website. I couldnt be more supportive of this and I look towards places like NUIC Football created by Shane and Kyle. Really suggest this with small rural conferences to get their teams and conference more exposure. It just takes a couple guys to help contribute material and cover. Now There Are Some Unwrittern Rules:

1. Must Be Equal In Your Coverage Of Schools - You have to cover all the teams of that conference no matter the record.

2. Show Respect To Other Media Outlets- Now this is a biggie especially with small town papers. Now if they decide to be assholes you have every right to put them in their place.

3. High School Football Is Not The NFL- Stay away from criticizing kids and coaches. Kids are playing the game for the love of it and the coaches are trying to build character in these young men.

4. DO NOT EXPECT PROFIT- Do it for the love of the game. Its been 3 years since i was chosen Publisher of Deep Dish Football and Im still trying to break even.

5. Have Fun- make jokes, make these players feel like the game is still something

6. Do Not Do Message Boards Or Forums- They are a cesspool of trolls and guys who still feel the need to put down kids and coaches.

7. RESPECT THE GAME OF FOOTBALL- Thats It- Thats All Its About


Some Great Examples:

NUIC Football - LINK

Study and see what Kyle and Shane do. They do it perfectly, they help shed light on the NUIC Conferene


Really like this website and what they do for the MSL. Take a quick look

Channel 1450 - LINK

Now this is somewhat different because its a large media group. I suggest people take a look at what they do, because they bring a sense of fun to the game.

It just takes a couple freinds, former coaches, etc with twitter and youtube account. Social media has made it alot easier for coverage.


Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA



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