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Deep Dish Football Suggestion Box: What Would You Like To See From Deep Dish Football / Coach Big Pe

Well 2019 High School Football Is About To Kickoff In Illinois....

About to begin Fundraising tomorrow for the Deep Dish Football Upgrade 3.0 and the last one. Would like to know what do you want see from Deep Dish Football and Me for 2019 and this upcoming season. Now somethings are impossible like last year with Deep Dish Football GOTW being broadcasted- couldnt raise enough funds. (cont)

Yes... my pronuouncation needs work along with my grammer and spelling no doubt about that. But want to hear your suggestions and ideas on how to make Deep Dish Football better for you the viewer, watcher, listener.

Deep Dish Football is for the People

Email me at or DM me on Facebook, Tweet at me- All Suggestions and Comments are welcomed

Above is the first ever Deep Dish Football partnered Showcase/Combine with College Coaches present- REGISTER NOW- Cant Wait To See Everyone on May 25th

Will be done in Jacksonville June 21st- Cant wait to see the recruits- REGISTER NOW

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA



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