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Meet Justin Jefferson Brother Rice Class Of 2020 ER/LB

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams.

Justin Jefferson Class of 2020 Brother Rice 6'0 225 LB/ER


Justin Jefferson is a player to watch in his upcoming junior season. Very raw in his rush technique but again at that age who isn't. Would like to see more at linebacker spot as well, really could be used in a lot of different spots.

What schools have you talked to?

I talked to Eastern Illinois University and went on a visit there. That’s about it as of now though. I only got a couple of emails from other colleges about football camps. I’m going to use this camp and football season to get offers and looks. What does football mean to you?

Football to me is a lifestyle. I use it as a building ground for my goals in life. Football is my way to an education and hopefully a successful future. I’m truly blessed to play the sport. It taught me to have discipline, take advantage of your opportunities, and how to be a leader. I’m thankful for football. I take it very serious and it means everything to me. What do you like about playing on defense?

What I like about playing on defense is the mindset you need to have and the tone you need to set to play defense. It’s like on defense, in order to be dominant you need a mindset that says on every play you have to be a dog or bully. Especially in the trenches. Plus the feeling you get when you just murder a quarterback and put him in the dirt which gets the team pumped up and gives us a better edge against any team we play. So basically I like playing defense because it can set the tone of the game. Favorite memory from last season?

At Brother Rice, we have a tradition at the end of sophomore year where we have a bonfire before the last game of the season. Last season I was lucky to be apart of it. It was an emotional, fun, and exciting experience for the whole sophomore team including the coaches. We shared memories about the season, problems we faced in real life, and how football helped us with it. This bonfire got me close to my teammates and helped me understand them better than I did before, also I feel like this will benefit us on varsity with team chemistry. This was my favorite memory from last season and I’m pretty sure for my teammates too. What motivates a Justin Jefferson?

My motivation is that I know what my goal is and I am determined to reach it. Not only that also I know what it takes for me to play division 1 football. Which is a work ethic and dedication that can’t be attainable for everyone and that doesn’t only apply on the field. But applies to school, practice, offseason training, and my team. This year my motivation is even greater then before because I am confident in the work I put in and I know it is paying off. Thanks to Coach Tyrone Richardson and my dad Maurice Jefferson who has been teaching me defensive line training since eighth grade and have been putting in extra time for me to make sure I am right and prepared for this season. That's what also motivates me, knowing that people believe in my goals as much as I do and gives me the tools to make that happen. What goal do you have for yourself this season?

This year I plan on having a record breaking season. I been working towards this literally right after the last game of the season last year. I been training nonstop to achieve my goals this year. I’m going for a state championship, that is my main goal for my team and myself. But for individual goals. I’m going to be the IHSA defensive player of the year, make All-State and record 25 sacks in the season. Favorite pass rushing move?

My favorite move is a jab step to the inside and club rip to the outside. This moves works most of the time but it works the best when I set up offensive lineman for it. I set them up by doing a variety of pass rush moves that makes my opponent confused and uncertain of what I’m going to do next. My coach Tyrone Richardson taught me to play a game of chess with the offensive lineman. Which mean keep him on his heels and to stay unpredictable so I only use the move when necessary. Not all the time even though it is my favorite move. Name me a Brother Rice player we should look out for from the 2020,2021 class?

From the class of 2020 is Giacomo Iraci. He is really slept on and is a versatile athlete. He can play receiver, safety, and linebacker. His speed his ridiculous. He runs about a 4.3 hand time and around a 4.5 in fully automatic time. I guarantee that anywhere Giac plays this season, he is going to be the top in Illinois in that position. From the class of 2021 is Andrew Love Jr. He is a ballhawk and hard hitter. If I had to compare him to another player it would be Sean Taylor. If Andrew plays varsity this year and keeps working like he does, he will get lots of looks from colleges this season.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA



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