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Coach Big Pete Shows How Easy It Is To Fill Out Elmhurst College Recruiting Questionnaire... Talks A

So I am going to do a Article/Video a day of this, and I want to show how easy it is for you recruits to get your info to coaches is. This article is special one of mine, its Elmhurst College Football a CCIW team with a strong alum base in the Chicagoland area. My very first job was being a ball boy for Elmhurst college football during home games during the 98' season. Elmhurst College has been stepping stone for alot of IHSA Coaches to play football at a high level and get college education at the same time. Now you got a favorite coach of mine in Coach Planz who basically doesnt want to climb the ladder of fame to be a D1 Coach, so you got a guy who cares about the kids and loves the game.

Bluejay Coaching staff is a nice mixture of young and seasoned coaches with links to programs around the Midwest. 10 years from now you will see some of these coaches coaching in larger programs.

Now lets talk about about the Elmhurst College Football's world famous peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Planz goes down to Georgia and hand picks the world finest peanuts to make his 300 year old family recipe of peanut butter. Glen Brittich master grape grower, has perfected his growing technique to make his jelly the finest in America. Finally Krisopher Norton master baker uses a recipe passed down to him from a lineage of Elmhurst College OC's since the 1970's. That is the LEGEND OF ELMHURST COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD FAMOUS PBJS

Elmhurst College coaching staff is hands down class, and been willing to make sure that their players are competitors on the field and off the field.

Ron Planz Head Football Coach Twitter

Glen Brittich Assistant Football Coach (Defensive Coordinator) Twitter

Kristopher Norton Assistant Football Coach (Offensive Coordinator) Twitter


Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA




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