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Simple Advice to Parents and Recruits About Recruiting

Pay for Recruiting Services are scams............................... Done

Recruiting Service Con has been going on since the 50's, and that's all it is a CON. They scam hard working families in urban and rural areas, they off on your emotion that you want to the best for your son or daughter. Pay For Recruiting Services send lists to college coaches, they take their pants down and wipe their ass with it. Free Recruiting Services like XOS Digital, National Preps, Lemming Prep Insider get paid by college coaches for the lists and are respected.

Matt Lemming, Clint Cosgrove, Gaizka Crowley - 3 of the Best Guys that I know from the Midwest

Please Parents and Recruits go to the D3,D2,JUCO,NAIA,D1 Websites of teams and fill out recruiting questionnaires as I explain in the video below.



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