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Springfield Fast & Furious Impact on Me and a Chat with Otto Zeman/WHS COACHES

To say before 2013 I didn't know the Leonard last name is a understatement, the only thing I knew was that Sacred Heart Griffin had a nice program. When Otto Zeman took the job at Westmont he decided to bring the team down for camp against Sacred Heart Griffin, it was there that I was baptized in the fast and furious offense. Malik Turner of SHG shredded four of our DBs in one single who gassed because they couldn't line quickly enough.

In 2014 we went from the run and shoot to more of the fast and furious offense and that time I got to go to a Rochester practice. At that moment I saw what Otto was talking about with Derek Leonard and not only that but that Springfield is the most exciting place for football.

So I decided to swing by Westmont Practice and talk to some old coaches

My talk with Otto Zeman

Who by the way at time was going over ways to try and find a way to pull a victory this Friday.

Tell me about Rochester vs SHG game

"A good game with two superstar coaches

Both teams should be legit favorites in their respective classes.

Derek Leonard will need to pull a rabbit out of his hat to beat his dad.

Their Defensive Coordinator is a one of the best football minds that I have talked to.

Rochester High School for being such a small school, has one of the best staffs in Illinois."


Coach Rick Sible Defensive Coordinator of Westmont

"But for real you can put how it's awesome that they are willing to take the time out of their schedule to help us out and any coach that's willing to ask for their advice"

Coach Scott Helton Offensive Line Coach of Westmont

"Pete, you talking about the Offensive Line Coach?"


"He is awesome!!!"

Me and Scott got to meet Derrick Nelson of Rochester the Offensive Line coach and we both agree that he is the best offensive line coach in Illinois. We learned new things from Coach Nelly that made us look at blocking techniques in a whole new way. This man is something special in the IHSA reigns and he should hired in the college ranks.

Rochester and SHG have shared info with other coaches at clinics for the past years

No Coaching Staff from Illinois has influenced a state like Rochester and to some degree SHG has in the history of IHSA football- Scout G

Derek Leonard is Illinois Football- Rival Coach


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