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Q & A with Rochester Coach Derek Leonard New Questions and Old Twitter Questions

Here it is the man that has changed the game in the IHSA

What does it mean to you when you coach against Sacred Heart Griffin?

It already means so much to play, first thing is your are playing against one of the top teams in the state every year. And it means a lot since that's what I grew up with and watching and living my whole childhood and high school career. So there are so many relationships plus the obvious father son one! And to play dad is fun but also sucks at same time, because you root for them every game but this one.

Who is Derrick Nelson? What makes him so vital to your staff?

Nelly is my o line coach, and has been here with me since day one, so he has really built us to the level we are and is as big of a factor then me or anyone else. Is a great o line coach and the players play so hard for him, very few times in 12 years are we physically bigger then many of the good teams we play. He does just a great job and is truly one of the top o line coaches in state or country for that matter.

What does Derek Leonard do after a SHG vs Rochester Game?

We always have a ton of family come, so we all go out to dinner together and hang out for the night. It's always a lot of fun!

Twitter Questions asked in August

How do you approach Coaching now unlike say 10 years ago?

I know I am a lot more patient and more focused on the important things in football and life, at 24 I just really wanted to win

Your Father is HOF coach Ken Leonard, What lessons do you take away from him about coaching?

he was really ahead of the game offensively and from a preparation standpoint, so I saw all that growing up I have learned everything from him honestly. He is such a great coach and father. And he makes football fun.

Do you have any advice or tips for young coaches?

Have fun, don't take yourself to seriously, be a good person, be good to your coaching staff, don't be afraid to keep learning and my dad always has taught me to get the Man the ball

How does it feel to know that you changed the way coaches think and scheme during games in Illinois High School Football?

Its an honor, And I think it is a compliment to all my coaches and players I have ever had at Rochester,nothing works if you don't have great people and players around you

Final Question What does Derek Leonard value most in his life and what is he thankful for?

My faith as a Christian, I have a great wife and two great sons, I was lucky to have two of the greatest parents growing up. also all the players and coaches and the town of Rochester, been a great place to coach and live, been very lucky! been lucky to coach with my brother and make many friends along the way also


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