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Talking Recruiting With Maine South 4.5 Star Kicker, Ryder Butterfield - Class Of 2024

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Ryder Butterfield, Maine South, Kicker

Class Of 2024 6'0 174lbs GPA:4.14

Ryder, how did your senior season go?

It was very successful! Our team and I did very well. I was perfect on my field goal and extra point attempts. My kickoffs were 46/52 touchbacks (88%) in the regular season and 58/69 (84%) touchbacks including the playoffs. My furthest kickoff this year went 78 yards.

As a kicker, how does your training look in the off season?

I lift 6 days a week and do yoga twice a week. I train with my kicking coach every Sunday and get work in during the week on the field whenever the weather permits.

Yoga can be effective, how does it help you?

It makes me more flexible and strengthens my core. It also helps me control my mind - as a good mindset in kicking is crucial.


What are your developmental goals right now?

In the weight room it is to continue to get stronger and more flexible. On the field it is to increase hang time/distance on my kickoffs and accuracy on my field goals. In the classroom it is to continue my aspirations of being a doctor and maintain a 4.14+ GPA.

Now that senior season is over, where are you in the recruiting process?

During the season I went on unofficial visits at Duke, Illinois, Northwestern, and Eastern Illinois. I am uncommitted and waiting for the right academic and football fit.

Did you attend any memorable camps or have any visits that stand out?

This summer I attended Kentucky's camp and was one of four players that made it to the final competitions for kickoffs and field goals. I finished second in field goals and had a 74 yard 3.65 hangtime kickoff. At Duke, I attended the Notre Dame game that College Game Day was at. The day after I was given a 1-on-1 tour with the director of recruiting of the campus. Illinois was electric as the facilities and coaches were awesome. The Kohl's Kicking camps gave me a lot of great experiences as Evan McPherson, Anders Carlson, Jake Moody, Cade York, Cameron Dicker, and Wil Lutz have trained me individually. Being trained by the pros was unreal.

Wow, that's exciting, and brings me to my next question, what has been the highlight of your recruiting so far?

Being able to include my family at the camps/games/visits. They have always been there to support me and experiencing these awesome events together will be something that we will remember forever.

The recruiting process is very long-what would you say has been the grueling part?

Staying motivated and determined when things do not go my way. I spend hours sending emails and voicemails to coaches every week.

If there is a piece of advice or one thing that you learned that you could share with an underclassman about recruiting, what would that be?

Coach Inserra (my high school coach) has always told me to bet on myself. This applies to working as hard as you can everyday, getting good grades, and being the best man you can be. There is always going to be competition, but use it as motivation to get better.

You have an impressive GPA-how is school going?

Tough but well. I am in 5 AP classes this year and will have taken 9 by the time I graduate.

Outstanding! Last question-if there is one thing you want college coaches to know about you, what would it be?

If there is one thing I want college coaches to know about me, it is my unwavering dedication and work ethic. I bring a relentless commitment to improvement both on and off the field, striving to contribute not just as an athlete but also as a disciplined and determined team player.

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