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Someone You Should Know - Timothy Harris, Chicago Hope Academy - Class Of 2025 DE

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Timothy Harris, Chicago Hope Academy, DE/Nose Guard

Class Of 2025 5'8 215lbs GPA:3.5

Jersey #54 // Bench: 275lbs // Squat: 495lbs // Deadlift: 485lbs // Clean Deadlift: 205lbs

What does football mean to you?

Football is a love; it’s a place where I can be myself and express everything that goes on in life. It’s a place where it’s a great bond and brotherhood I can build for a lifetime.

How did your junior season go?

My Junior season went great but I feel like I could have done better. I put a bunch of work in during the off-season and it showed out on the field. There is still room for improvement and I’m working on my craft and getting better everyday.


What does your training look in the off season?

My off-season training is weightlifting, drills within what my coaches and trainers provide for me. I do Track and Rugby during the spring. I do a lot of stretching. Stretching is my key since my freshman year.


What are your goals for the off-season?

My goals for the off-season are to get quicker, stronger, faster, and becoming more a student of the game within, watching a bunch of film and perfecting my craft so I can bring more to my team. It’s about the team!

How is school going for you, being a multi-sport athlete?

School is great. If any of my teammates need help with schoolwork, I help where I can and my time management is great, figuring out how to get all my work done. I take advantage of my study hall, so I don’t have a bunch of schoolwork at home.

How is Chicago Hope looking for next season?

We’re looking great. We have a bunch of returning players and a bunch of great players coming in also. People put us as the underdogs a lot but we show week in and week out that we’re here to play football. We will continue to be the underdogs but we bet on ourselves every time.

What do you want college coaches to know about you?

Something college coaches need to know about me is that I am a hard worker and a student of the game. I want to learn more and I’m a fast learner. Something I’m good at is fixing my mistakes right there after I am told what to fix.

If there is one teammate that you would say is going to have a breakout year, who would that be?

O-Line - Kennedy Washington, C/O 2025 // Noah Miranda, C/O 2025 // Levi Mallette, C/O 2026 // Andre Mills, C/O 2026

RB - Jayden Rush, C/O 2025

QB - Justin Houston, C/O 2026

DL/OLB - Zachariah Brayboy, C/O 2025

LB - Ethan Thompson, C/O 2025 // Aaron Green, C/O 2025


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