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Meet Libertyville OL 6'3 David Freedman Class Of 2022 - Name To Keep An Eye Out For

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for lllinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

David Freedman Libertyville OL Class of 2022 6'3 270

David Freedman how was your 2019 season?

I thought that my 2019 season was very solid. I feel that I played very well for my first season as a Sophomore on Varsity and that my game polished up really well as the season progressed. While there are still improvements to be made, I feel that the 2019 season was a great start and will set me up well for the next two seasons.

What does football mean to you?

Football has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born into a family that loves football, started playing at the age 7, and instantly fell in love with it. Between my oldest brother and my twin brother, our weekends have consisted of multiple football games for many years. Football has allowed me to make many great friends and has helped me create relationships that will last a lifetime.

What part of your game have you been working on in the offseason?

For me, working on my strength has been my biggest focus during the offseason. With the extra off time during the pandemic, I was able to spend more time lifting and getting stronger. Being able to express force through the ground is one of the most important abilities that a lineman needs to possess, and the stronger you are, the easier it is to do that. I also have spent time watching film to improve my performance and to better understand different techniques and blocks.

What do you like about playing on the line?

The lineman is the only true position in any sport in which you get to push someone around as your job. In most other sports, pushing and shoving people around could cause a foul and in most cases a disqualification from a contest. On the Offensive Line, you get rewarded for doing that job. The line also has one of the most simple goals as well: do not let your ball carrier (i.e. RB/QB/WR) get tackled. Finally, I have found that the line has a bond between each other that is unmatched. I have never had more fun with a group of guys then with the wildcat offensive line.

What should college coaches know about you?

One thing that college coaches should know about me is that I am a very coachable player. I have the ability to listen to a coach, take that information, and apply it in the next drill/play. I also am a very versatile player as well. I have the ability to play all the positions on the line and can play wherever I would best suit the team at any given time. Finally, I am very strong academically as I currently sit with a 4.30 weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale. I am interested in pursuing an engineering degree at the collegiate level.

How does this Libertyville squad look for 2021?

The LHS Wildcats roster is looking very good for the upcoming 2021 Spring season. The team has a good deal of returning Seniors and a good amount of Juniors willing to fill in the few missing spots. The offensive and defensive line, quarterback, and most of the secondary has very little changes from last year. All in all, I feel that our mix of talent and teamwork will make us contenders for the NSC title and hopefully bring home a championship as well.

What do you feel is your strongest trait on the field?

I believe that my strongest trait on the field is my physicality. My ability to block someone until the echo of the whistle is unmatched. I never take plays off and I give 110% effort all the time. My level of physicality along with my size allows me to move players in a manner much more effective than others can.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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