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Deep Dish Football Camp Dayz: Elmhurst University Football Camp 2022 Eye Catchers

Huge Thank You to Coach Jeff McDonald and the Elmhurst University Staff for a wonderful time at your camp. It feels great to back on the campus. Hopefully this program can continue this great showcase that shows the best of Elmhurst University. Coach McDonald is a wonderful host along with his staff. Awesome for Western Michigan Head Coach Tim Lester to stop by and scout the players. Below are players who impressed me and showed me something at the Elmhurst University Camp on Saturday. It took some time because I wanted to double check to make sure I got the numbers right on the Elmhurst list. If I made a mistake on numbers, please send me an email at (TRUST ME I'M NOT PERFECT LOL). Also on the bottom is recruiting central link for Elmhurst University please make sure you check it out. Love the work of Elmhurst University and its Football Staff. Again Elmhurst University is having another camp on June 26th

Boston Bower Huntley DE/ER TWITTER #25 Class of 2023

Boston has been one of the best edge rushers in Illinois for the last 2 years. Looked great again, and not to mention his extension on linemen.

Hunter Hayes Wilmington Athlete #21 Class Of 2023 TWITTER

Mr. Quiet was all business and he showed on the field. Didn't take a break and kept his motor going. Wouldn't expect anything less from a Wilmington player.

Blaze Helton Hillsboro Athlete #40 Class of 2023 TWITTER

Mr. Helton has the athleticism and knack for getting to the ball. Could be potential name to watch when we get into the fall season.

Chase King Centennial WR #22 Class of 2023

Great hands, and really like his hustle to get the ball. Another Fall wait and see recruit.

Christian Evans QB/ATH #26 Class of 2023 TWITTER

Evans looks good especially with his agility. Could fill multiple roles on offense/defense. If he plays QB would like to see in more of Run & Shoot style offense. Will be a huge name to watch in the Fall when schools look to fill offer numbers.

Tommie King Greenfield (Wisconsin) DE #32 Class of 2023 TWITTER

Impressive frame and was one of the very first kids that I noticed at the camp. Didn't take it easy during camp and just plays violent. Tommie is one player that impressed me all week with my camp visits.

Jahquan Redding Greenfield (Wisconsin) ATH #15 Class of 2023 TWITTER

Redding on the WR drills didn't take a break. Impressed with his speed and not to mention that fact his technique catching is a lot better than most WRs in Illinois.

Greenfield has some gamers!!!!

Cole Livingston Casey-Westfield ATH #37 Class of 2023 TWITTER

Multi-faceted athlete that could be used both ways. Love his on-field IQ and could be a huge recruit by the end of the summer.

Matt Senteney Wethersfield LB #20 6'0 195 TWITTER

Nice closing speed, and great ability on the pursuit. Another small school stud you must know.

Eric Harris Pritzker Prep RB #8 5'8 150 TWITTER

Swiss army knife for offenses that could his ability to slice and dice defenses.


#39 Mikey Collins St. Ignatius - Has been impressive the whole spring and now Elmhurst Camp. Close name to keep an eye out for.

#32 Zach Priami St. Charles North - Senior Northstar that could have huge fall with that dangerous passing attack of SCN.

#27 Leon Kelsick Morton - Athletic and dangerous threat when open

#57 Tayo Taiwo Metea Valley - Really like this kid and his natural instincts on the line

Thank You Elmhurst Coaching Staff For A Wonderful Time Saturday

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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