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Central State 8 Conference 2021 Preview With Coach Big Pete: Leonard Battle Again

Welcome back IHSA Fall Football!!! As is every August I do conference previews and again please remember predictions and previews mean crap. High school football is the greatest thing because of pure parity. What is up last year could be down this year and what is down last year can up this year. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN IHSA FOOTBALL. Also unlike some prep writers who take credit and copy and past the coaches work. Thank You, to the high school coaches that put the info up on HUDL and emailed me info as well. Also I am not taking that much from the COVID Spring Season. Spring Season was a very weird and crazy time. Was going to do Conference Preview videos, but no one needs to see my face till next week. It will be just article form

Central State 8 2021 Fall Preview

Welp!!!! Its either Rochester or Sacred Heart Griffin who are going to win the Central State Eight. That's it goodnight folks...... Oh, you want something else don't you? Some scary stories maybe? Well I got three teams that could be horror stories in the Central State Eight, and they could throw a wrench in the Leonard Plans. Springfield HS could get again some major upsets like they did in 2019. Rashad Rochelle is a big time playmaker for the Senators that could kill any defense. Next one is Jacksonville, they have Illinois best kept secrets in QB Elijah Owens who can kill you with his arm and legs. Then we got Glenwood, Glenwood could make a major run in the CS8 and most likely get 6-7 wins in conference. They could also give Rochester and SHG a major headache as well. Rochester again features a dominate offense not to mention deep depth. Sacred Heart Griffin has a crazy amount of athletic linebackers that can lay the major lumber. Ken Leonard has some great upcoming Class of 2023 and 2024 players on that Cyclone team. Decatur MacArthur will have more improved record unlike they did in the spring keep an eye out for their passing attack. Call me crazy but I think Lanphier could be a problem again this season. Eisenhower brings back a team hopefully they can build on that and get this program back on tracks. I have no doubt in my mind that Coach Dampeer will do his best with these kids. University to me has one of the tougher schedules in the CS8 and I think they have to win early to prove something. Springfield Southeast looks very interesting but that schedule like University is tough one for them.

BEST BET: We will see 5 Central State 8 Teams In The IHSA Playoffs

BEST BET 2: Leonard Bowl will decide the CS8 again

TELL ME WHY: Back in 2019 Rochester making St. Rita forum/message board posters look stupid was the greatest thing in the world

TELL ME WHY 2: Why does Channel 1450 continue to outdo and put to shame Chicago Media Outlets for Prep Football Coverage

Central State 8 Top Dogs For 2021

Rochester & Sacred Heart Griffin

Central State 8 Contenders

Jacksonville, Glenwood, Springfield


Hank Beatty Rochester

Declan Duley University

Mark Helm Glenwood

Jveon Bardwell Sacred Heart Griffin

Cooper McCue Glenwood

Zoe Cromier Rochester

Cory West Sacred Heart Griffin

Seth Parkinson Rochester

Hudson McMann Sacred Heart Griffin

Jeffery Elms Springfield

Johnny Neal Rochester

Alex Hamrick Glenwood

Jeremy Wright Lanphier

Shyne Hart Southeast

Nathan McCombs Jacksonville

Daron Chatman Southeast

Aaron Puck Jacksonville

Galashky Blaise Glenwood

Kelby Sanders Lanphier

Noah Gray Sacred Heart Griffin

Brylan Phillips MacArthur

Salomon Dessalines Sacred Heart Griffin

Mitchell Logan Springfield

Jace Clark University

Jack Swaney Springfield

Ryan Robinson Rochester

King Smith MacArthur

Elon Mundy University

Sam Owens MacArthur

Devrion Young MacArthur

Rashad Rochelle Springfield

Elijah Owens Jacksonville

Keshon Singleton WR Sacred Heart Griffin

Derek Leonard Getting Ready For The Fall

Jacksonville & Springfield With The CS8 Plans In 2021

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting

But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football




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