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Catching Up With 6'0 Richmond Burton OL/DL Logan Garcia - Class Of 2025 - Name You Must Know

By: Jenny

Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Logan Garcia, Richmond Burton, OL/DL

Class Of 2025 6'0 245lbs

Jersey #:53 // Positions:OL/DL // Height & Weight:6'0" 245lbs // 40 Yard Dash:5.0 // Shuttle:4.57

Vertical:8.5 // Bench: 285lbs // Squat (lbs): 450lbs // Deadlift (lbs):500 // Clean (lbs):205

Logan, you had a really good Junior season. Your team did well, and you received many individual awards-what are you most proud of?

The awards I received were Lineman MVP, All Conference, and All-Area. I was the only Junior to receive these awards, and coming from Richmond Burton, that is a huge accomplishment. I am most proud of earning a starting position on both sides of the ball. Richmond Burton has a big reputation! I was proud to meet Coach Noll's expectations and start both ways. I played O-line tackle, D-line nose and end. Special teams guard for extra points. I am proud that other coaches notice my ability also. I would make big plays on defense, and they would not run toward my side anymore when I'm in the game. I think I really set the tone week 2 with a pick six. I work really hard and for other people to notice, makes me want to work even harder.

You scored a touchdown this season as a lineman-how exciting was that?

It was really, exciting. We practiced all week trying to stop the screen. The first screen they threw in game I caught. No more screens after that pick. I saw the QB drop back and the running back looking for the ball. I cut right inside and took the ball.

What are your off-season goals and what does your off-season training look like?

Be the best leader I can be since I'm a senior. I want to get stronger, faster, and more explosive! Off-season training 6 days a week training. I work with my football team at school. If we do not have training at school, I go to a speed and agility camp.

You’ve taken a few college visits, what can you tell me about those?

It's very exciting to experience football at the next level. Especially since I want to play football after high school. I'm trying to find the best fit for me. A place that feels the most like home.

Are you planning on attending any camps this summer?

A few that I am going to are Bowling Green Ohio, Toledo Ohio, Illinois State, Lake Forest, Whitewater, and UW-Platteville. I would go to any others that invite me.

What is your strongest trait on the field?

Being able to read plays. I watch so much film on other teams, I can see their formation and know the play. I've also been able to stop run plays on my side.


How is school (and your grades) going this year?

This year I have had a great year I have been doing a lot better keeping all my grades above a B.

If there is one player that you would say this is going to be his year, who would you say?

AJ Horcher. Last year AJ was not a starter, but got rotated in a lot on the defensive line. Everytime AJ was in, he would make a big play for the defense to help get the ball back for the offense. AJ has been working very hard this year. He has been working out with me a lot. He is also showing up every day to the off season workouts after school. AJ will be a starting nose guard this upcoming year and that is a name coaches should look out for.

What is one thing you want coaches to know about you?

I am a great leader hard work I will always listen to the coaches.If the coaches need me to change spots I will work super hard and be the best I can be at the spot.The coaches will not just get someone that works hard on the field they will get someone that works hard in the classroom the film room and in the weight room.They will also get someone that care a lot about the team and my teammates. This is not just a team it is family to me so I help everyone out.

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