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Deep Dish Football Update Summer 2020: Coronavirus, Tour Cancelled, Fall Schedule

Good Day To Everybody

2020 Deep Dish Football Tour hate to say it but is cancelled

Deep Dish Football GOTW ETC Cancelled as well.

July 25th Will Be At The Lemming Prep Insider Showcase- Coaching OL/DL

Please Feel Free To Say Hi

July begins the Conference Previews & Player Previews as well

Starting with the Dukane Conference

Fall Schedule: (If We Have Football)

Thursday 8pm Deep Dish Football LIVE

Saturday 9am Breakfast With Coach Big Pete

Coronavirus has everyone predicting and foreshadowing. I will say this football will be back when everything is safe for the kids. A lot of bigger things in life than the game of football.

Recruits make sure I have your info and fill out the Deep Dish Football Recruiting Questionnaire


Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of IHSA Football


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