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Meet Peoria's Javi Guyton Class Of 2020 Running Back

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for lllinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Javi Guyton Peoria Class of 2020 RB 5'6 165

Javi Guyton how was your 2018 season?

My 2018 season was great. There were a lot of falls in our team but we stuck together in the end.

Favorite memory of 2018?

My favorite memory of 2018 is winning the city.

How does Peoria look this season?

This season ,Peoria High looks like a pretty good team we have guys multiple guys at multiple positions that get the job done efficiently.

What schools have you talked to so far?

So far I haven’t talked to any schools. I am willing to talk to any school and do whatever it takes.

What should college coaches know about you?

I am a hard worker. I push myself and others around me to do better, I like to lighten the mood and just have fun but still doing what needs to be done. I am determined ,dedicated and a very coachable student-athlete who will get the job done , no matter the level of difficulty.

What game are most excited about this season?

Every one of them. There isn't a game that i have been excited about. Those games are just more opportunities for our team to showcase our talents and what we can do.

What part of your game have you been trying to improve in the offseason?

I've been trying to improve my catching game. I’ve spent countless hours catching balls and running routes even though I am a running back , because if its one thing coaches like is a running back with hands.

Who on Peoria should I be on the lookout for this upcoming season?

Our starting Quarterback Gabriel Hernandez, Partner running back Davion Allen, Slot Receiver Darrell(Tiger) Netters , other slot receiver Chris Williams who also plays basketball for Peoria High, and our entire D-line and O-Line

What goals do you have for yourself this upcoming season?

My goals is to show that i have growth from last year and to get in college coaches line of view. I want to show people that even though Im not the biggest I have the capabilities of someone who is bigger.


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