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Talking With Chicago Christian's Brian Anderson Class Of 2020 - Name To Keep An Eye Out For

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for lllinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams. Every Football Player Has A Story To Tell

Brian Anderson Class of 2020 Chicago Christian WR/LB 6'3 225

Brian Anderson how was your 2018 season?

My 2018 football season was great. This was my first year of varsity football and it was exciting to say the least. I got to experience brotherhood, family, ultimate dedication and a sense of Christian brotherly love. We went on to have a 7-4 record, which was a great improvement from the teams record the year before. I came in fresh but learned quickly and had a good year but I know I can be better this upcoming season.

How awesome was it to be part of a Chicago Christian winning season?

It was very great, it was good seeing the team enjoying wins that came from very hard work during the off-season. We have a great coaching staff and coaches that push us like no other and I can only be grateful for that. Winning is something that is under appreciated when you experience it all the time. If you constantly win, you forget what it feels like to lose and that’s a reality we have faced. As a team we always keep moving and try to improve wherever we can as a whole.

What does Head Coach Nick Cook mean to this team?

Coach cook means a great deal to this team. I’ve never had a coach in any sport, or at any stage of my life who I’ve seen more dedicated to his work. Not only to his work but to his team. Coach Cook gives us many opportunities to be successful as football players but most importantly as Christian men, leaders, and husbands in the future. Does a lot for us by pushing us hard and always giving us keys to succeed. He’s been a big part of my life ever since I walked into Chicago Christian, from the football field, to the weight room, to even checking up on me constantly.

What part of your game have you been working on in the offseason?

I’ve definitely been working on my speed and agility, also working on my ability to read gaps and not hesitate. This is something that I believe held me back a little this previous year. I will be more explosive and prone to make quick, but good decisions.

What should college coaches know about you?

College coaches should know that I’m 100% dedicated to always get better and always make my teammates better. I will do what I’m asked on the field regardless of the task. I’m coachable, hard working, and ready to get after the sport I love.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA



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