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Talking With St.Charles North Defensive Linemen Johnny Ambrogio Class Of 2019

So in a way to better understand the use of Deep Dish Football for Illinois recruits and the whole entire IHSA Football scene. Decided to do player profiles of players who you might not know or you might know , but you should respect them for their roles on their respective teams

Johnny Ambrogio St.Charles North Class of 2019 DL 6'2 225

Johnny Ambrogio what schools have you been talking to?

I have been looked at by many schools but the only school I have really had good communication with would be grand valley state University (GVSU).

What should college coaches know about you?

College coaches should know that I work my tail off on and off the field everyday so that my team and I can be successful. They should also be aware that I will never quit no matter how hard it gets no matter how much we are loosing quitting is not a option for me. Third and last thing is that I’m a team player, if my team needs me to play a position that maybe I don’t see myself at. I will work my tail off to be the best at it and I consider myself to selfless.

What do you like playing more OL or DL?

As lucky I am, and blessed I am to be able to play both I would have to say DL.

What do you like about playing on the Defensive line?

I like how you can be very aggressive meaning that you have gap responsibility and you have to own in it I love the fact that it’s like being in dog fight every time your fighting for your gap responsibility. I also like how you can really see that speed and leverage can do a lot of damage with a double team or maybe a bigger guy than you.

This St.Charles North team is well balanced, What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

Our team is very balanced we have multiple threats at every position given that I believe we will have a very good season we all are very close witch gives us a good advantage. Throughout the summer our team has developed very well and you can tell we are starting to click when we run our plays and it’s all starting to come together at a great time, right before the season.

What would you tell a future SCN player about the program and Coach Pomazak?

I would tell that person that what Coach Pom has going on here at north is a process it’s a 4 year process, it’s very tough. He pushes us very hard but he does that so we can be elite. His real focus is to make sure that everyone understands that he has a plan for them and by the end of the process he has for us you will be a better, athlete, person, and you will understand what hard work and commitment is. So what I’m saying is that you have to be all in and understand that Coach Pomazak cares for everyone and has a plan for every player and just trust him and what he does.

Favorite pregame meal?

Pasta dinner that we have before our games would be my favorite meal before games.

What goal do you have for yourself this season?

The goal I have for myself this season would be all conference and all state at the defensive line position.

Give me rising young SCN linemen that I should be on the lookout for?

I would say Carmine Bastone he is a sophomore class of 2021, on varsity and definitely opening lots of eyes at practice and has a chance at staring this year. He will for sure be a dominant athlete for our team in the future.

Remember Deep Dish Football Is Just Not About Recruiting But About The Love Of The Game Of Football In The IHSA



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