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Coach Big Pete 2017 Memories... Batavia, Richards, Peoria Road Trip, Deep Dish Football Network 24/7

Well its almost 2018..... Time to take a look back at 2017 and some great memories and again this was a great year and will probably forget some things.

Batavia Media Day

Was invited to Batavia Bulldog media day before there befor big title game in DeKalb, and boy I was amazed. Strong Community support for the Batavia Bulldogs and meeting a great group of parents and kids.

Deep Dish Football Tour- Richards High School Stop

Just like Batavia, Richards surprised me out of the clear blue with a great group of coaches and strong respect towards a tradition and history of their great program

Peoria Road Trip

Had a great time in Peoria for week 9, and got to see what make the Peoria area tick. Peoria Richwoods vs Cenntenial and Peoria Notre Dame vs Normal West, got the chance to stop by Eureka College.

Raising Money To Get The Deep Dish Football Network Started

This was painful and annoying for alot of people and I do understand, but it paid off and every major breaking commit got the respect it deserved. It has become so popular that now many writers have copied in what I did.

Thank You AGAIN to all the PEOPLE that donated and helped find donations.... YOU GUYS HELP MAKE DEEP DISH FOOTBALL



Two of my favorite players from the Class of 2018, both undersized linemen. Understand football is not about the star players its about players who work the hardest. Max McFadden of Batavia and Yianni Manousaridis of Lake Zurich both represent that and will be missed.

Signing Day for Class of 2017

Got to stop by Elmhurst College and talk to the Bluejay Coaches who I truly respect along with Head Coach Planz. First Job that I ever had was being a ball bowl for Elmhurst College Football in 1998.

College Camps For Summer 2017

Had a great time talking to parents and college coaches, and cant forget about the recruits. Elmhurst, North Central, Augie, Bendectine, Lake Forest all great college camps and cant wait to stop again this summer .

Lemming Prep Insider Showcase May and November

Matt Lemming did a great job with both showcases this year and both now have become the most popular in the state of Illinois. Had a great time coaching with the Ridgewood coaches and especially had a great time with FIST Guys as well.

BOOM Linemen Challenge Events

My Last Memory

Boom, Fist, Pro Trained ETC Linemen Training Companies

All of the companies joined a Linemen Challenge, and can I say one thing that I thought was awesome. NO BS, Coaches treating rival services with respect and no putting down of kids.




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