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College Coaches BE MORE SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY- Be more like Lund, Fleck, ETC

So I get this question once a week now, "Coach Big Pete what can I do to increase my recruiting in Illinois". My answer is simple be more social media friendly, have a sense of humor and learn how to shoot the shit on twitter. I make jokes towards Elmhurst College Peanut Butter and the EC staff knows to have a great sense of humor with it. Lake Forest Coach Lund again is a master and knows to have a joke on twitter, which makes him defeat the old tired hard ass coach stereotype. Indiana State and their staff have a great sense of humor, and know how to joke around on twitter. Some teams however dont even have a Twitter handle for their team, or their coaches only tweet scores and stats. College Football Coaches must make themselves look human on social media and sell themselves as just regular people. UW-Platteville and UW- Lacrosse do a great job of reaching kids and selling themselves to parents and high school coaches on social media. Take a look at PJ and Heather Fleck, PJ head coach of Minnesota is a king of social media but his wife Heather does one of the best jobs on Twitter of promoting Gopher football. They both excel on twitter, and again it shows a husband and wife tandem that is like any married couple in America. Coaches again social media is great thing and can get you recruits, PLEASE USE IT.



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