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Deep Dish Football Game of the Week Geneva vs Batavia: Rosters Spotlight Week 6

Well already did spotlight two players from both rosters, and now its time to talk about the whole rosters. Batavia Bullogs got the beast on the tackle spot name Eike that just takes DL milk money, not to mention the fact that the Bulldog OL group is well coached. Niemiec is one of the best dbs in Illinois, and Reggie Phillips can run you over or make you miss. Watch out for Batavia LB Jansey a young pup that will be talked about for the Class of 2019. Geneva features a group of hybrid athletes that play the field twice, with Murray leading the pack at QB. Geneva also has Waldoch at RB/DB/ETC and pretty much gets the yards, also look out for big man 6'5 OT Ruth. Tolly Tams and Ian Hanson anchor the secondary and also play on the offense as WR/TE. Cole Campbell 6'3 ER is a play maker to look out for from the Vikings



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