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Happy Birthday Deep Dish Football

Deep Dish Football 2 Years Old

We would like to take this time to thank the Players, Parents, Coaches, and Journalists that have helped us to be where we are. To my predecessors of 5 Publishers I would like to thank you for what you have done before I took over. For the Panel’s Wives who help make the food before the Panel vote THANK YOU for everything you have done. Deep Dish football is for you the people and we will never ever take money from your pocketbooks or make you subscribe to see your son’s name. Deep Dish was started for one principle, that a lot people forgot about the main reason for high school football “THE KIDS”.

Thank You to Smooth Ink Sports for the Logo and Shirt- Great Place

Thank You to all the College Coaches for the invites and info

Thank You to the High School Coaches that have helped us

Thank You to the Kids

Thank You to Billie Jo Davis, Matt Bowen, and Derek Leonard for agreeing to be some of our first three twitter interviews (HOPEFULLY I WASN’T THAT BAD)

Thank You to Coach Crissey and Glenbard South for inviting us first to stop by for camp

Thank You to Coach McNulty of Warren Township for letting us stop by for the first stop on the tour

Thank You to Everyone for the Support!!!!!


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